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Missing waypoints

H. Hartvelt

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How is it possible that there are waypoints missing in FSC despite of the use of the most recent AIRAC's? I will give you an example:

When flying from EHGG to EHEH, the most logic route is via the RUMER1D departure and the RUMER1E arrival. This is also the route that newbies flying with IVAO (like me) take on their first aided flight. In this case there is only one fix in the flightplan and that is RUMER. But that flightplan cannot be made with FSC because the RUMER intersection is missing in the database. Strange enough it is in the PMDG database which is also updated with AIRAC's.

My spec's are: Windows XP Pro, FS9 (due to PMDG B737), FSC 8.4 and FSUIPC 3.817

Hans Hartvelt

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Hello Volker,

After some conversation with Navigraph (see their forum) it appeared that their AIRAC's are complete. So the problem was on my computer and I found out two things.

One. FSC differentiates between intersections (default blue triangles) and (GPS) fixes (default red triangles). The waypoints that I missed were all fixes. The fixes were not selected on the map, so I could not see them. I was looking for the RUMER intersection but I should have looked for the RUMER fix.

Two. Due to upgrading from 8.0 -> 8.2 -> 8.3 -> 8.4 and resetting an image, there were two installations on my computer of FSC in different folders. Whereas the AIRAC's update the files in the one folder, FSC used the (not updated files) in the other folder. So I have decided to uninstall all installations and to install and upgrade FSCommander again. So now I have a fine working installation of FSCommander.

Thank you for your help.

Hans Hartvelt

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