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Read Heading value 0x580 have problem

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when I read the Heading 0x580,Ican't get the correct value.can you help me .FS2004 show heading is 340 .

DWORD head;

if (!FSUIPC_Read(0x580, 4, &head, &dwResult)||!FSUIPC_Process())


int heading= head*360/(65536*65536);

Edit12->Text =heading;

i track into .found the value of head is 3730953 .so 3730953*360/(65536*65536)<0,program error.

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int heading= head*360/(65536*65536);


i track into .found the value of head is 3730953 .so 3730953*360/(65536*65536)<0,program error.

I'm not surprised, since all FS angular measures in fixed point fields are designed to achieve maximum resolution in the space available. To do this in a 32-bit value means the maximum value in 32 bits is used to provide 359.999999... degrees. You are multiplying a very large value by 360, so getting overflow.

Even if you did not get overflow, dividing a 32 bit integer by 65536 * 65536 is similar to shifting it downwards by 16 + 16 = 32 bits -- guaranteeing to leave you with nothing at all for your efforts!

All this is surely simple arithmetic, can you see?

Copy the value you read into a floating point variable, like a "double" first, THEN do your conversions! This applies to nearly all the fixed point values -- unless you want simple approximations (which you could get above by doing the arithmetic in a different order, e.g.

int heading = ((head/65536)*360)/65536;

That rounds down to the integer below. Of course it would be a better approximation if you rounded to the nearest integer instead, thus:

int heading = (((head/65536)*360) + 32768)/65536;



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