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Planes have no Wheels (My Traffic X)


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I was today by a Friend and he has the FSX SP2 + My Traffic X.

But there was something strange for me ,

some Ai-Planes at the Airports standing not on Wheels.

The Wheels are missing , and my Friend told me that this ist normal.

I think about to buy My Traffic X , bit when this ist a normal Feature

i don´t think , that i buy it.

Can anyone tell me , that is this right or is my Friend wrong?



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How far are these away? Is he running windowed or full screen? What are the details of the grafics settings?

The background of these questions:

To reach the high performance that MyTraffic has, it is necessary ( and a lot of design work ) to never draw anything that is invisible. This is done using the LOD - system, where LOD=50 is defined as the half of the diagonal of the binding box to be 50 pixels on screen. All items that have less than 1.5 pixels on your screen will not be drawn on the quality models, and no items below 2.5 pixels on the performance models.

This is the full story in windowed mode. Now, some grafics drivers for full screen trade performance for quality, and some have sliders for this. Normally, any full screen driver will be slower than the windoweed one, since the frame comes for free. So if you see that you have not a lower frame rate full screen than windowed, your driver or setting will trade performance for quality, and with standard settings all of them do - they assume you do not care for details of the alien that you have to shoot within 300 milliseconds or game is over, and that is what fullscreen is programmed for. So even with the 1.5 pixel limit programmed, some grafics adapter under some settings will cheat the system and tell FSX that a wheel that still should have 4 pixel on screen only has 1.4, so FS will no longer show it.

This leeds to many lower optical quality effects, from wrong shadows over blurry textures to missing wheels in full screen mode, so I really cannot recommend to use it ( many functions of FSX like the SDK tools even don't work full screen, so running non windowed isn't the way to use FS if you care for any detail or quality)

Hope this explains and shows the obvious solution.

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