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V2.1, options for viewing AI aircraft


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As a way of introducing the new "Shadow AI" function, I wanted to recap the options available for looking at AI aircraft via SuperTrafficBoard:

Let me describe a little bit about each of the commands for looking at AI aircraft, and you can choose the ones suitable for you.

1) "View AI". This is the basic AI view in FSX. It is the same view if you use the Microsoft Traffic Toolbox Explorer, or by right clicking in FSX and finding the AI aircraft in the big list if you can. It is a "locked spot" view of the AI aircraft and is suitable for many purposes. The view lasts until the AI leaves the reality bubble and gets deleted automatically.

2) "Follow AI". This is just like View AI, except your user aircraft is made to follow the AI about 10nm behind. This is good if you want to see the AI fly all the way from departure airport to arrival airport. You should not try to fly the user aircraft while you Follow AI!

3) "Shadow AI". This puts your user aircraft at the centre of the AI (or what FSX says is the centre - it seems to change a little). This is good if you have scenery like FSDreamTeam that only draws some object details around the user aircraft. By putting the user in the AI, the scenery is drawn around the AI too. Also you can use additional camera angles available to the user aircraft, such as the "Tower view" and they appear to act upon the AI aircraft. This is just like looking at the AI user aircraft from the tower, where the camera remains fixed on the AI. This view is not otherwise available in ordinary FSX. To use the additional camera angles, it is recommend to change the setting "Switch to View AI when Shadow AI is selected" to unchecked. This means your active camera will not be changed when shadowing different aircraft, so for instance you can remain in Tower View. Finally, please disable crash detection when using shadow AI, FSX does not like the user aircraft inside the AI ;-)

Hand in hand with Shadow AI goes the invisible user aircraft. This is a user aircraft that can be selected just like any other user aircraft, however it is invisible and not much fun to fly. You should see it in the dialogue when choosing an aircraft to fly in, it is the "Flying-W invisible user aircraft". It is perfect for using with Shadow AI, since it is invisible it does not interfere with the AI view.

Shadow AI may have some visual troubles in the form of stuttering due to the way FSX works (compared to FS9). Please try it out and see if you like it anyway. There are hints in the user guide on how to reduce the stutters. Tower view is particularly effective.

Both Shadow AI and the Invisible user aircraft must be deployed or activated. Press the settings button, go to the deployment tab and press the deploy button for each. Any further instructions required will be on screen.



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