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Duplicate Jetways at airport Terminals


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It's never a good idea to have two airport scenery files for the same airport active at the same time - nothing good will every come of it.

I'm assuming you're referring to fsx as you did not specify. When two airport scenery files are EXACTLY the same such that they are clones, fsx will probably operate fine but I believe that additional resources may be used that otherwise would not have been used; On the other hand, when two similar airport scenery files are in use at the same time for the same airport issues can arise both seen and unseen, such as duplicate objects, planes parking in buildings, and ATC delays due to conflicting approach code.

It's important to understand that the MyTrafficX BR2_ airport scenery files are for the fsx stock airports ONLY. They are essentially fsx stock airport that have been enhanced to allow more AI to be hosted at over 1,200 of the largest airports worldwide.

It sounds like you have a third party scenery that you are using that comes with its own airport scenery file. If this is the case then you would have no choice but to use the third party airport scenery file that comes with the scenery. By airport scenery I'm referring to what you call the afcad file. The MyTraffic BR2_ file will not work correctly if used in conjunction with a third party airport, unless the third party airport is designed to be used with the fsx stock airport file.

MyTraffic X is capable of providing AI traffic to any airport that has at least two parking spaces of a proper size that fits with the schedules.

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It should be enough to put the MyTraffic scenery below the other airports. If this does not work, either the addon arport is not based on FSX, but a bad adaption of FS2004 airports ( manz commercial or so ) - or your scenery database is already in deep problems. If disabling the BR2_ airport in this case helps be happy.

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