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The "Fuzzies"

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Seems to me some time ago in one of the forums i read about a setting modification in FS, perhaps in the fsconfig file which adjusted the distance from the aircraft when scenery begins to come into focus. seems there was a trade off - i made the adjustment and it really improved the appearance of the scenery and went a long way to 'reducing' the "fuzzies" - seems to me it really helped to reduce the "coming into focus" effect you see as you approach scenery.

I"m still on fs9 and have all FSG mesh's and UT installed as well as most of Your sceneries. seems when i tried to install bella coola a month ago, the setting changed and i can't remember how to modify it again.

am i making sense? i hope you will miraculously know what i'm talking about.


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Here's a summary from Holger, taken from FSGenesis forum archives. He is referrring to parameters in FS9.cfg. If you don't know where to find or edit that file, let us know.

In order to maximize the detail/sharpness of ground textures it's a good idea to use terrain extended textures. Below is a summary of what these parameters mean and what values are possible. However, if you're using photoreal scenery (such as MegaScenery) you should turn off extended textures and reduce visibility to 30 miles or so. That is because without extended textures FS needs to load about 5000 texture tiles but with extended textures the number jumps to about 20,000!

There's still a lot of debate what exactly those parameters mean and what units they have but here's what I compiled from various sources and, IMO (!), makes sense:


* that's easy: ON/OFF switch to load higher res textures beyond the initial "ring", which extends to about 40 miles


* apparently, values can range from 0 to 9.99 and higher settings will be ignored

* extends the use of the highest detailed mips (sharper textures) within the inner circle; lower settings means less than 40 miles and higher settings up to the 40-mile max.

* changing this value doesn't seem to make much of a visible difference


* same range of values as above

* extends the use of higher maps for the outer circle(s). Supposedly, "1.5" reaches to ~70mi and "9.9" to about 100mi

* careful!!! A setting higher than 3.9 can lead to "texture tearing" (blue slivers) in the mid- to far distance when high-res mesh is used. Some add-on mesh files - like some of mine - provide additional "buffer" mesh files, which prevent those blue slivers even at settings >3.9


* range from 0 to 8

* is tied to TERRAIN_EXTENDED_RADIUS and defines the max. mip level to be used for the outer ring(s), that is the sharpness of the outer ring textures

* I never noticed much difference between 0 and 4; no changes at all when >4

In summary, the TERRAIN_EXTENDED_RADIUS parameter appears to be the one with the biggest visual influence.

Oh, and TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT apparently determines the speed or priority with which ground textures are sent for processing to the graphics card.

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there is another important point to pay attention to:


This factor is automatically and always changed to 96560 whenever you do a change in FS2004 settings, whatever value you had before!

Realistic value for landscape is 64000.

By the way, following values are recommended by Germany's well know "Texture Pope" Jobia.

(Holger will know him for sure)

He published his intensive studies in his "texture bible" - sorry, about 500 pages all in German.(http://www.jobia.de/)

His proposals are:
















By the way, I'm really no texture specialist, just a user, depending on specialists' experience and I don't want to start a new discussion. These settings are excessively discussed in all forums since the appearance of FS2004. In the end, everybody has to find his best values.



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Hi guys,

Joachim (Jobia) is correct in that the maximum values for TERRAIN_DEFAULT_RADIUS and TERRAIN_EXTENDED_RADIUS are 4.0, not 4.5 as I had posted. Similarly, TERRAIN_EXTENDED_LEVELS does only reach to 4, not 8.

Thus, the settings I use are:



TERRAIN_EXTENDED_LEVELS=4 (as Joachim has shown in his document, this value makes no difference if the first two are set to the maximum 4)

Different from Joachim's suggestion I set




The former is the Mesh Complexity slider value and it has been shown that a value of 100 (percent) has a disproportionate impact on frame rates while any values above 70% or so make no visible difference in the sim.

With TERRAIN_MAX_VERTEX_LEVEL at the default 19 the highest resolution that terrain mesh can resolve is 76-m spacing (LOD9). Most of my projects - as well as lots of other add-on landscape files - use 38-m spacing (LOD10), which is why I tend to use TMVL=20. The maximum value of 21, on the other hand, can lead to visual problems with terrain shading (large blocks instead of accurate shapes).

Cheers, Holger

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I just want to say "Thank You!" to all that contributed to the above... after applying these tweaks, I got my copy of FS9 to:

1) Look about 10 times better and

2) Run about 10 FPS faster

with the result that I can now fly and enjoy even my most frame-heavy aircraft where before I could not!

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