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Need an earlyer version of FSUIPC4

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I need and earlier version of FSUIPC4, As the 4.4 version doesn't work with the CS 757. Sorry to come in and make requests. :oops:

Sorry, but if it doesn't work there's something wrong and going back doesn't fix it. More details are obviously needed.

What is the "CS 757"? Perhaps identifying the product a little more clearly would help, as well as explaining the problem? Wouldn't you surely agree, if you thought about it?

Are you sure it isn't simply a specific problem to your installation? How do you know it is at all related to any specific version of FSUIPC? What versions do you think it, whatever it is, works with, and why?


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First, Happy New Year!

A little clarification to above posting. On the Captain Sim forum, related to their latest B757 v4.2, some had an issue where it was impossible to deactivate the Autopilot prior to landing (as far as I recall) :oops:

Some users came back and reported a "possible fix" where they had swapped the latest FSUIPC.DLL (4.40) with version 4.30, and the "problem" was gone. What caused this, or was the reason for it to go away, I do not know. However, I hope that someone with better knowledge on this issue will provide a post on this forum :)

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