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Registration invalid

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Hi all

I have patch my FSC from 8.2 to 8.3. Now i must register the FSC 8.3 again. But evry time FSC show my a errormessage: laufzeitfehler 13 Typen unverträglich.

The Data are correct (copy paste from my original Voucher. I`m not sure what i must insert in field Name. I try to register with my Login Name

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sorry for that... My Name ist Detlef Krüger.

I tested again, what i have see is, that i can only 24 character of my Key paste into the registration field. The rest is invisible or not exist. My original key is much longer! Then i have try to insert the key manual but the field accept only 24 character.

1. FSX or FS2004(FS9) FSX

2. FSUIPC / WideFS version used: registred version FSUIPC 4

3. FS Commander and Database Manager version used: FSC 8.3 Update from 8.2.2

4. Aerosoft version or download version from our website: Aerosoft Version Download

5. Operating System (Vista32/64, XP, 2000) XP Professionel32bit,


Grrr... Now is my FSC 8.2.2 also a unregistred version with the same problem? Why? Before i updated the FSC was a registred version.

I have use the FSC 8.2.2 since 1 year approx. without a erroer message or problem. What i have learn it "never touch a running system...." lol :lol: :lol:

Please help...

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Is it right the 8.3 is a free upgrade from 8.2.2?

I have buy a DL Version from Aerosoft. Then i have DL the Upgrade from the Original HP(FS Commander).

Then i have install the upgrade. Now i have a FSC 8.2 exe and a 8.3 exe. After the upgrade, the registration contains max. 24 caracters. My original key contains more caracter. I believe the upgrade change also the registration mode for FSC 8.2.2. (not god but its handle for me) .

Aerosoft doesn`t have the 8.3 Version in the Shop. How can i register the FSC with the longer key?

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Hi Detlef,

sorry, but we can't help You.

Sometimes it's better to read the information on our download site...

Very important:

If you own the boxed or download version of FlightSim Commander distributed by Aerosoft, you cannot use the upgrade files on this page. Please go to the Aerosoft website (www.aerosoft.de) and download the upgrade file from there.

...or read the announcement:


After downloading the file, please read the readme.txt carefully. If you don't, you'll



You can't mixed an aerosoft version with our version.

Workaround, deinstall the FSCommander, reinstall the FSCommander, upgrade your version via the aerosoft support database.



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Ok, its not a problem. I will FSC 8.2.2 install new again. I can`t find the upgrade at Aerosoft. you now wether Aerosoft the upgrade offers?

Thanks for the god support. FSC is a good thing...

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Hello Detlef,

Go to the Aerosoft website and on the left hand side you see "Support/Service" and under that you find FAQ's/Updates. When you cick on that you can register your version after which a webpage will open with all kinds of FAQ's and also the link to the update file. Make sure to follow the instructions to the letter to avoid any problems installing the update.

I hope this will be of help to you.


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