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ILS-GPS creator and MTX ATC


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I added the ILS info to KSEA for the new runway to an Afcad file from Avsimwhich had no ILS info. I used the ILS-GPS creator to get the info into FSX. Added the 3 bgl files to the scenery\global\scenery directory as per instructions.

The airport info shows up properly on the FSX map and now in FSC after running the database manager.

Im using MytrafficX for ATC. The runway info doesnt show up in the GPS which is really not a matter to me since I dont use it for approaches but I cant figure out how to get the ILS info into MytrafficX. The KSEA afcad is a layer above the mytraffic in the scenery library. The runways show up fine in FSX and all the navaids works properly on an instrument approach. I dumped the airport list from the traffic toolbox and recompiled the mytraffic bgl files but I still only get visual approaches from atc and no Ils when selecting another approach or runway. Anyone else use these 2 together?

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In FSX, every airport is a standalone program. AI traffic works the way that this program takes over the AI plane and does with it what is programmed into it, so once you use another airport program ( AFCAD file ) there is nothing related to MyTraffic remaining - in theory.

I do not know, though, if the other airport properly switches off all the properties of the MyTraffic airport. We just discovered that there are little differences that never got documented between SP1 and SP2 concerning handling of approaches in the special case that two addon airports are in there in addition to the stock layout. You can easily recover from this situation by renaming the file MyTraffic\scenery\BR2_KSEA.bgl to BR2_KSEA.bgl.passive - this definitively removes any influence MyTraffic could have.

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Thanks for the reply. Well I have the newer AFCAD layered above mytraffic without having to rename the MTX file so that is working ok .

I have to rewrite the approaches in xml for them to work with FSX ATC.

As of now though all approaches and everything is working fine with Pro Flight Emulator so thats good enough.


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