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8.4.2 isnstall issues


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I've got a strange problem that I'd like solved! Last week I installed FSC as per and registered it. It worked great! But due to a Vista glitch, I had to do an entire OS reload. I've been building up everything since.

When it came to FSC, I installed the FSC83, and the FSCDb as XP SP2 compatability (I'm running Vista-64bit), and registered it. I then did the update to 84, again using the compatibility tab. When I tried to connect to FSX, I recieved an Error of Unable to connect to Flight Simmulator Msg#(no process responce).

I went back to the FSCDb manager and ensured that the path was correct...it was. I continued on with my upgrade with the 84 patch, and after installing it, I tried the Db manager again to ensure that the path was still correct. Unfortunatly, I recieve an error msg: Component 'threed32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid. I can't open the program. When I tried to open FSC, I ger an error that the Flight Simmulator 2004 database is missing or incompleat...which is odd because I'm using FSX!

Can someone give me an avenue to fix this?




Gateway DX4200

AMD Phenom 9550

6Gig DDR2 dual channel

ATI Radeon HD3450 1Gig

750 Gig HDrive

FSX SP1/Acceleration

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The XP comp was, I must admit, an assumption on my part. :oops: As I bought this as a downloaded product, I wasn't able to find anything on compatablility. It was a hunch. As to the runing the programs as an administrator, I do that anyways.


I did a repair through the control panel, and I seem to be up and running for now.

But just to confirm, I can run this as a resedent program? By that I mean, I don't have to set the comp to XP?


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