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Converted models 1 - The Nimrod


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Dear friends, I got the offer to get some models from the FS9 models to FSX models using some commercial tools. Obviously, nothing changes, no new feature, no new animation, no new light, but full FSX shining materials working fine under DX10.

Since this service isn't for free, only those of the remaining 60 FS9 models will be changed that

a) are of above average quality, and

b) are not intended to be replaced by high polygon FSX models during the next two years, which means it isn't a frequent model.

A typical candidate for this is the Nimrod, the principle was tested and verified on it. I attach it here for you to have a look at it. Another model I will add is the Super Etendard. Which of the other models do you consider as good enough to fulfil criterium a) ? The B52 as example?


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definatly the vulcan, since the C12 is almost a copy of the fsx default beechcraft king air that would do just fine, the AS365 looks pretty good, maybe C5, the C17, the C212, CH53, Mirrage 3 looks good, SH3, Tornado, and UH1 all look good to me. i didnt get all of the my traffic planes :lol: but those are all that i saw in fsx the past few weeks that looked good. sorry if its too much.

also how would i install the nimrod file?

-thank you

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The file just contains a mdl, replace the one in the models folder of NimrodMX by that one.

The Vulcan is already an FSX plane, also the CH53. Concerning the C5 resp the C17, my phantasy currently parks them on special gates applying a lot of technology developed for the 747 freighters.

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