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Error Reading Online File


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Hi everyone,

Can anyone help with this problem ?

When I select 'Online/Vatsim/Download current Vatsim data' I get the following :-

Error reading in online file! Download the file again!

This happens 99% of the time. When it does load current data all is well until it refreshes, then I get the same error message again.

I've just upgraded to V 8.4 but it was the same with v 8.2.



FSUIPC v 4.20 WideFS v nk

FSC v8.4, Db Manager v84

FSC is website download version

O/S Vista 64

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I confirm, download VATSIM data display the same DaveB error box but sometime, not 99% :wink:

Often the next or second download attempt is ok.

Weather and IVAO data's download are right...

This post only for information, I'm not disturbed by this "problem"

FSc 8.4.1 on second computer




XP sp2

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Hi Dave,

1) please read this: viewtopic.php?f=155&t=73977

2) then read this: viewtopic.php?f=155&t=74104

3) now download and install this: http://www.fscommander.com/files/fsc84patch.zip


Those links are all dead!

I cannot receive Vatsim data either (While IVAO data download works fine).

FSC 8.1 Bd 160407 Aerosoft version F Installed in D:\FC8\

Windows 7/Ultimate/64


Any hints or new links?

Thank you for helping.


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Surprisingly I have this problem back this morning after maybe two years without it.

(Msg appears on IVAO online request)


FSC 8.6 build 101209 dowloaded on FSC website


AIRAC 1006 Navigraph

last IVAO Airspace file (06.2010)

Will appreciate any help to solve this problem

Thanks in advance



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Hi everyone,

The problem is fairly complex, but the bottom is that basically it is not the fault of FS Commander, but rather has its root in recent problems with the IVAO server.

IVAO offers a status file which lists the servers currently available. FS Commander randomly selects a server from this list and tries to connect to it. Recents the list contained only two servers one of which apparently is really not available (though it is mentioned in the list). Now, if FS Commander happens to select the "bad" server, the error you mentioned above occurs.

There is, however, a workaround: Go to the main folder (standardly:FSC) and open the file urlivao.ini with a text editor.

Please delete the following line: http://de3.www.ivao.aero/whazzup.txt. Unfortunately, you may have to do this again the next day, since urlivao.ini is created anew every day.


Sascha & Volker

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