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adding ai to mytraffic


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new to these forums

have looked but didn't see any posts so I'll try my luck.

I was using woai and maiw but recently have switched to vista black 32bit to find my pc runs faster and has mad my fsx better.

now I have tried the dx10 preview and like the REX program and fsglobal 2008 details are great.

however woai not designed for dx10 so installed mytraffic 5.2. runs good but no military planes.

is it possible to add maiw to mytraffic cause as soon as the maiw blg files go into the world\scenery folder mytraffic planes disappear.

thanks for any help.

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This should be moved to the MyTraffic forum...

MAIW will not solve your problem to my understanding, since it is FS8 code like WOAI. The schedules they have are also FS8 coded, that is the reason they force FSX into emulation mode, not showing any FSX traffic. There are tools around to convert FS8 flight plans to FSX format, which would solve a part of the problems.

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ok well I converted the fs9 to fsx bgl files and copied them to world\scenery folder and went to fsx to notice the scenery updated ok but no traffic

all i saw was the newly added ai traffic the mytraffic was gone so as far as I can tell the maiw fsx bgl files overwrite the mytraffic.


thanks for you help

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hey. well im using fsx fp compatibility checker and converter thats all it says in the top of the window by P.van der Veen if that helps.

also what i did was i have a folder with the fs9 bgl files then i convert them all to new empty folder then copy to scenery folder.

try fsx no mytraffic planes.

upon removing the same newly converted bgl files from the scenery folder mytraffic airplanes now apear.


with the maiw bgl fsx files i see them but no mytraffic

am I to do anything to any of the non maiw bgl files ?

thanks for helping. :)

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The converter that you speak of is not a converter. It merely corrects some fs9 airports that either no longer exist in fsx or have changed names - Peter later incorporated it into his AIFPC program.

You have a few choices if you wish to use the MAIW with MTX. The two that I have used with success include AIFPC (google the name) by Peter Van der Veen or bglfpfsxconvert.exe (google the name). Both files will fix the airport discrepancies between fs9 and fsx as well as the one day lag between fs8 format Ttools and fsx TDBB. They both will also convert the Ttools flight plans to TDBB flight plans. I would suggest bglfpfsxconvert.exe as it tends to be easier to follow. You can convert ALL files at once in a batch process so it won't take more than just a minute or two. Once complete, it will provide the fsx converted flight plans as well as made a backup of the original fs9 flight plans. You can then cut and past your fsx converted flight plans into scenery\world\scenery.

Good luck!

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:x :x :x :x :x

im wrong something went wrong

bgl files went into scenery ok files updated ok and I flew around and saw mytraffic and can hear them ok thought I saw maiw parked but wasn't

prematture sighting.... :oops:

I give up I've done what you all have seid and still nothing..I'll try again later cause I'm getting :evil:

I probably forgot something so simple I'll kick myself once I figure it out...

thanks to all though. :D

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Beyond schedules two other points to consider:

First, have you used the installer to install the MAIW planes? Are they installed in your simobjects folder? If no, have you pointed fsx.cfg to the folder where they are installed? It wasn't clear from your post so I'll ask.

Second, assuming you've installed the MAIW packages to simobjects folder AND converted the flight plans to the fsx TDBB format and placed them in scenery\world\scenery, does the airport you are testing contain military parking?

Is MAIW DX10 compatible? Have you tried to turn "aircraft cast shadows on the ground" off in the fsx settings to see what happens?

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I checked their website, most information looks like hidden, but the references I can see including those to WOAI all seem to indicate that this is pure FS8 stuff, which is only working by chance in FSX without DX10. To my knowledge, I'm the only designer using the FSX SDK for AI planes, since the work needed for FSX planes is around 5 times the work for FS9 planes, and even FS9 SDK was hardly used. Also, looking at Flightsim.com, the number of real FSX user aircraft in the freeware scene is around 3 - all the rest claimed FSX is FS8 code :roll:

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well thats answers my questions.

i find that as soon as I uncheck dx10 preview my atc text and other text is unreadable.

so I'm stuck with dx10 , I havn't found a fix for that yet so im stuck.

but thank you very much for your info and I'll check it out later as soon as i find an answer for my messed up text .

again thanks.

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