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FSUIPC stutter (fs2004)

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I have a problem with fsuipc, when I register it, i have a stutter once a second. That happens only when fsuipc is registered :o

What can be the problem ?

First, I need to be sure you are using a supported version -- 3.85 or later (3.867 is available in the Updates announcement above). If not, try updating yours first.

Thendoes the FSUIPC log file (in the FS Modules folder) show anything? Are you using any options in FSUIPC at all? The only difference between registered and unregistered is that it offers more facilities for your use. It doesn't actually DO anything different unless you ask it to. And there's nothing normally on a one-second timing at all.

Maybe you should do this, just so I'm sure I get needed information:

1. Remove the FSUIPC.INI file from the Modules folder, just to be sure all options are defaulted.

2. Load FS, run only enough to see the "stutter", close FS.

3. Find the FSUIPC.LOG ile in the Modules folder, and paste it in its entirety into a message here.



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i made a .log file, here it is :

********* FSUIPC, Version 3.85 by Pete Dowson *********

Running on Windows Version 5.1 Build 2600 Service Pack 2

Verifying Certificate for "D:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\MODULES\FSUIPC.dll" now ...

SUCCESS! Signature verifies okay!

Running inside FS2004 (FS9.1 CONTROLS.DLL, FS9.1 WEATHER.DLL)

User Name="Maxime Lambrechts"

User Addr="maxime.lambrechts@hotmail.com"

FSUIPC Key is provided

WIDEFS not user registered, or expired

Module base=61000000



InitDelay: 0 seconds




984 System time = 18:13:02

984 D:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\

984 System time = 18:13:02, FS2004 time = 12:00:00 (00:00Z)


37359 AIRCRAFT\c172\Cessna172SP.air

37562 Aircraft="Cessna Skyhawk 172SP"

53781 C:\Users\MAXIME\Documents\Fichiers Flight Simulator\Vol généré par l'interface utilisateur.flt

54016 Clear All Weather requested: external weather discarded

55750 Advanced Weather Interface Enabled

85891 System time = 18:14:26, FS2004 time = 18:13:54 (02:13Z)

85891 *** FSUIPC log file being closed

Memory managed: 0 Allocs, 264 Freed

********* FSUIPC Log file closed *** *******

I also installed last FSUIPC (3.867) but it don't work.

Mayby stutter isn't the good word, i'm not so good in english. I think the good word is stick or cling. I hope you can understand me and my problem :oops:


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User Name="Maxime Lambrechts"

User Addr="maxime.lambrechts@hotmail.com"

When did you purchase your registration? I don't seem to have it on record (but my records aren't 100%). It looks like it isn't valid. There are two possible reasons for this:

1. The registration was purchased AFTER the date currently set on the PC. Please check that your PC date is correct. OR

2. The registration key is in fact illegal, one generated by a pirate key generator.

If neither of these apply, please ZIP up the FSUIPC.KEY file, from the Modules folder, and send it to petedowson@btconnect.com. I will check it here. Do NOT post it in the Forum.



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I recieved a license from a friend to test fsuipc because i start my home cockpit and i wanted to test it first. :oops: But now it seems that fsuipc with widefs is the only option to run pc's together. I'm only 14 and before i buy something i always want to know if it's the price worth. :oops: So now i think I go order fsuipc + widefs, I don't want to have more problems...


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