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Assign Mouseclicks to buttons in FSUIPC

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Is it possible to assign a command (e.g. open/close bombdoors) which only reacts on a mouse click to a button of my CH Throttle Quadrant :?:

Maybe, maybe not. Each such case is different. Here are some pointers:

1. Maybe it uses a control you can actually assign to. Enable Event logging in FSUIPC (one check mark in left-hand side of FSUIPC's Logging tab), then operate the facility with the mouse and look in the FSUIPC Log file (in the Modules folder) to see what it caught, if anything.

2. Try using the mouse macro facility, described in the FSUIPC User Guide. If that works you are all set.

3. Finally, there's a chance that it may operate using local panel variables ("Lvars"). If it is FSX you are using, then check out the very latest FSX version of FSUIPC in the Updates Announcement above. It contains facilities for listing Lvars so you can work out Macros for assigning them.

Sorry, but the last one isn't provided for FS9 or before.



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no success with option 2 either. Pressing the TAB (|<=/=>|) key on the keyboard gave no respond.

If you enable Button & Key logging in the FSUIPC Logging page, the Log file might say why.

I assume all this is with FS9 or before, not FSX? If FSX you could try listing the Lvars, it might be manipulable via one of those. I don't support that facility before FSX though.

The only other alternative is to use Luciano Napolitano's "Key2Mouse" program.



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