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MyTraffic X V5.2 und FS 2004


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habe am Freitag ( 13 Februar 2009 ) mir folgendes Produkt über SimMarket zugelegt.

1 x B. RENK - MyTRAFFIC X V5.2 (2072) = EUR 39.27

Auslieferung Direkter Download

Zwischensumme: EUR 39.27

enthaltene MwSt.: EUR 6.27

Summe: EUR 39.27

Normal sollte das auch m.E. für den FS 2004 laufen, kriege es aber nicht hin.

Ist die erweiterte Version von MyTraffic 2006 beim "Direkt Download" nicht wie bei der CD/DVD mit drin?

Was kann ich jetzt machen?

Gruß Ralle

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I assume the poster asked the same thing I want to know.


1) I have both FS2004 and FSX, can I use My Traffic X under FS2004? I just want to know if the 'models' will work, I really

dont care about the schedules or if they are flyable, I just want to know if FS2004 will be able to 'display' the My Traffix X 5.2 models correctly.

2) Are AFCAD's included for all airports? I dont need ADCADs for FS2004, just need updated ones for FSX


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FSX has a different airport format than FS9, so FSX airports cannot be used in FS9. MyTraffic X 5.2 contains about 1800 optimised FSX airports.

FSX has a complete different model format than FS9, and MyTraffic X 5.2 contains mainly new aircraft now, the Eastern Airliners, most military are FS9 format still and subject to update this year. So of the 36000 files in MyTraffic X 5.2, around 30000 are intended not to work in in FS9, and some thousand will crash it.

The last version for FS9 was MyTraffic 2006 V 41. If you need that software, drop me a PM.

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