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Upgrading to FSC 8.4 problem

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I am in the process of upgrading to FSC Version 8.4 on a new computer and am getting the following message: "FS Commander file and folder structure incomplete! Check installation or location of program file! Program will abort now!"

Here is the information on what I am running;

FSX SP1, FSC 8.3, FSUIPC 4, DBManager 8.3

FSC purchased from your website.

Runnig Vista Ultimate 64 (possibly the source of the problem since files are all in Program files x86)

Any help is appreciated I really like FSC.


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have you got fsc 8.4 working yet?

for what its worth vista 64 will run FSC

only 15 minutes ago i upgraded from 8.3 to 8.4 no problem.

volker is right about 'run as admin'

if you are still having problems, this is what i did.

first d/oad latest 8.4 zip and extract it to a temp folder.

follow the readme which says 8.3 to 8.4 only requires 2 files to be changed

its included with the zipfile

next go to your main FSC folder, in vista its c: /program files(x86)/FSC

delete or rename the 8.3 fsc and dbase files you find there.( only the 2 files )

next copy the fsc8.4.exe and dbase8.4.exe files to the main FSC folder.

THEN right click the fsc8.4exe and select properties

select the compatability tab and tick the run as administrator box, then apply

do the same for dbasemanager.exe file.

then doubleclick the dbasemgr so it will update itself

next double click the fsc8.4 file and it will install itself.

i tested it with FSX and i could d/load the weather and vatsim online servers no problem.


i reccomend you also turn off the DEP settings for FSC in vista (and FSX and any addons)

(type dep into vistas search box and follow the links. add fsc8.4 and dbasemgr8.4 to the list of exclusions for dep)

DEP= data execution prevention. its vistas way of preventing access to its kernal files. this can sometimes cause problems

the exclusion list will override dep and allow your files access

i do this for all programs i install onto my 64bit vista sytem, and touch wood everything has worked ok.


gigabyte p35 m/board

4gig ram (64 bit can take more than 32bit vistas/xp limit of 4 gig)

e6600 core duo CPU

8800gts graphics

many goflight hardware modules

saitek flight yoke and pedals

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g-bobb: Thanks for this and the effort. I tried what was previously suggested including a complete reload as Administrator. No Luck. I'll try this when I get a moment and let you know how it works. Thanks for the details, since I am new to Vista this is really going to be helpful.


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if all else fails,

uninstall FSC using vistas uninstaller (click, start, control panel, add remove features)remove FSC

make sure the FSC folder c:/programfiles(x86)FSC is gone.( if not then manually delete it)

reboot pc. go to the flightsim X folder( c:/programfiles/microsoftgames/microsoft flight simulator X )and admin/dep the FSX.exe file

next unzip fsc83 to temp folder ,and do the 'run as admin' to the setup file.

install. then navigate to the newly created FSC folder.

do the admin and DEP fix to the fsc8.3.exe and dbasemanager8.3.exe files.

run the dbasemanager8.3.exe and let it finish updating.

then run the FSC8.3.exe and check all works ok.

reboot pc

then continue with prev post to install the upgrade to 8.4

as mentioned before, i do the admin/dep fixes to all flightsim related programs i install.

ive not yet found a program or addon i could not get working.

good luck


vistas the way, especially as the upcoming 'windows 7 operating system' is only an upgrade of vista anyway.

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Thanks g-bobb. I am a big fan of Vista and manage to cuss it several times a day. Just built a new hot computer for my Son's Girlfriend and put Vista 64 Ultimate on it. Loaning her my Vista for Dummies book :-) Have not had time to try this fix yet, but will sure let you know. I was busy getting my DCA DC3 MAAM Passenger aircraft to work in Vist. It does now and flies like a dream. A very stable realistic airplane.


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i had the MAAM DC3 with fs2004.

ive just got the realair spitfire 2008 for FSX

its beautiful, with 32bit textures and all the bump mappping and shine effects

i love it

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Well g-bobb success! I managed to accomplish it without having to reload FSC again. Thanks for all your help. I have had FSC long enough now that I find it is part of the flight :-) Sure as heck it's the flight planner of choice in my opinion.

Thanks Again


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proper job,

your now qualified as a vista support engineer lol

as you have now got FSC going ,i hope you use it to full effect by flying online with VATSIM.

thanks for the feedback


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