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GPS window opens on FSX disconnect

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I searched the forum about this issue and I did not find any reference so I apologize if this has been discussed.

When I accidentaly (and I frequently do it :? ) exit flight without previously disconnecting FSC, the GPS window opens automatically and I get the message telling that FSX connection was lost. At the menu, the GPS Window is not checked and there is no way to close it except beginning a flight or closing FSC.

I don't know if this is a bug or there is something wrong with my install.



FSC 8.4.1



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Hello Volker,

I have the same situation and I even get the small green screen, with next fix and heading, etc.

I just end FSCommander and start all over again. After .... times I got accustomed to first close FSC and then shutdown FSX.

Might be some bug that only manifest in certain circumstances, with me every time I forget it I get this.


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anyway, we can't verify the problem and have tested it on different PC's, but we will investigate it.

Best solution, first disconnect from Flightsimulator, then close the Flightsimulator.

I'm sure that will be not a problem.



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Unfortunately I have the same problem, but not only me. In my virtual air company I have spoken about this problem and it is very usual. Any suggestion?


FSX Sp1 + Sp2

W7 - 64

FSC 8.6 Aerosoft.

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Dear Volker,

You have a very good program. I hope you find a solution. In my own opinion is a problem between your programm and FSCUIP.

Sorry but I can not disconnect from flight simulator and close flight simulator. I am most of time online with long flights. Disconnect is not option for me after 5 hours of flight.



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