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B757 fuel

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Details as required of my set up -

1. FS9

2. FSUIPC 3.8.5

3. FSC 8.4.2 by download

4. Windows XP2

A flight plan from Auckland to Sydney has a distance of 1169 miles at FL320

Using a B737 fuel required is shown as 22583 lbs

Using an A320 fuel required is shown as 22114 lbs

Using a B757 fuel required is shown as 6188 lbs - this is surely incorrect?

I have checked comparative fuel requirements for several routes and find the same substantial differences.

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I checked my aircraft window, and it does appear the weights(kg) are off. It shows the load as 5000kg for the B757. Might have been a typo for 50000 kg?

I changed my window to reflect the POSKY B757 I use.

Empty Weight: 59365 kg

Load: 56756 kg

MaxWeight: 116121 kg

Max fuel: 34269 kg

max range: 3900 nm

All items in the Aircraft window are editable by the user.

Rick K

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Hi Rick,

you are absolutly right, it is a typo error from our site. We are sorry for the inconvinience, we have caused the users. Thank You very much for your posting.

Hi Crocus,

please edit the aircraft data and use the data posted by Rick.



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I've a question about this one also.

I've recently started using FSC and the 757. How does FSC calculate fuel usages without detail such as engines and fuel flows?

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FS Commander uses, of course, a generic algorithm for fuel calculation which needs to be applicable to ALL aircraft. Therefore fuel calculation can never be totally accurate, simply because too many variables interfere in real life. Furthermore real aircraft use all kinds of tables as a basis for fuel calculation. And we do not have those tables. And even if we did, they refer to real aircraft, and as is well known, flightsim aircraft differ in innumberable respects from the real things.

Therefore the only possibility to get a fairly decent calculation is to manipulate (and play around with) the parameters in the aircraft window.


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