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Hi all,

i am a new customer of FSUIPC (yep! :D ) and i want to know a little thing. I have @ home 2 PC and a router with 4 IP's.

Sometimes when my friends come to my house we will make a little "lan party" with my PC's... Unreal, Quake... Sometimes we make a little "Fly In" over IVAO network with some payware aircrafts.

The question is: can i install 2 copies of FSUIPC (one a PC) onto my home PC's? The PC have a static IP, and every PC results, online, completely separated from the other one.

I know that sw like FSMETEO reads for concurrent connections from multilpe IP... now i don't want to loose my key, and i am asking here if there are same problems for FSUIPC...

Damn, i must learn english :D

Best regards


Venezia - Italy

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The question is: can i install 2 copies of FSUIPC (one a PC) onto my home PC's?

Yes. Use the exact same details for both. You have to enter the registration on them both. I don't really like the system of one copy purchased, one copy used. As far as I'm concerned, if you paid for it you can use it on all your PCs.


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