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FSCommander on network-Airports missing


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After initially running FScommander locally (on the Flightsim-PC), I started using the program on my second PC, which is hookep up in a network through a router. Installation is straightforward and during flight, FSCommander tracks my A/C allright (Just to point that FSCommander is installed oke over the network , I think). However I recently discovered that there were some airports missing in FSCommander.

So today I decided to reinstall FSCommander. V8 (FSCDbManager80.exe), which I have to install first before I run the update, installs all the airports in FSCommander oke.

Problems start after installation of upgrade to V8.4

After some investigation I found that the FSCDbmanager (FSCDbManager.exe) of this upgrade reduces all the files in the \FSC\Database\FS09 to a fraction of its original size (For example Airportfsc.old =4MB and Airport.fsc = 318Kb) So a lot less airports, ndb's,VOR's in FSCommander. It does this with all the files in \FSC\Database\FS09

The strange thing is that when I run the same DBmanager locally (on the flightsim PC) it generates all the files in the \FSC\Database\FS09-directory correctly. All airports, NDB's, VOR's are there.

So the same executable has different outcomes, depending whether it is run localy or in a network

What could cause this? (Network issue, OS problems, I really have no clue :( )

Would appreciate any thoughts on this

Thanks in advance


1-as workaround I copy all the files from the \FSC\Database\FS09-folder of the local PC to the networked one , and all airports appear in FSCommander :D

2-I 'll post this on the aerosoft forum as well

3-Just noticed today:Updated versions of Wideserver/Client and FSUIPC.DLL can be found on Peter Dowsons homepage http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html

My Configuration

FScommander V8.4.2-Build:171208 Aerosoft Version

FSCDbManager.exe Product Version 8.04; Copyright FSC Team-S.W. Felix - V. Heine; Date modified 11/09/2008 8:40 (Rightclick-Details) 336Kb

FSCDbManager.exe Product Version 8.04; Copyright FSC Team-S.W. Felix - V. Heine; Date modified 01/09/2008 8:40 (Rightclick-Details) 328Kb

FSUIPC V3.85 & FSUIPC4 V4.40 (Registered)

Wideserver V6.75 Wideclient V6.7.6.8

Vista Premium on FLightsim PC & Vista Ultimate on second PC. Both accounts have full admin right, UAC disabled and everythinbg run "as Administrator"

Oh yeh and ...FS2004 & FSX

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Download the current manual http://www.fscommander.com/files/fscmanual_english.zip

and read complete the Chapter Appendix Network.

Now run the latest DatabaseManager which is 8.4 in the network.

When done and you have after restart the FSCommander the same result send following file(s):

FSCDBM_FS09.LOG and/or FSCDBM_FS10.LOG with a list of some Icao Codes you are missing

to my e-mail adress which you find at the bottom on our homepage.

Ref: FSCommander on network-Airports missing


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Hi Volker ,

just finished complying to your instructions.

Unfortunately results are the same.

I've sent the email with the logs.

Hope it can be sorted out.

Am I correct that FSCDbManager uses Netframework V2 to function?

Maybe a new install of NET framework will help.

Just guessing :roll:

Thanks for your time


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Okay , here is an update

Thanks to Volker's reply by mail the problem is solved.

I'll post the solution for my specific problem here.

As a matter of fact, it turned out to be quite simple :)

My flightsimulater is installed on a seperate harddiskdrive , and not in the default location in the program-folder.

It is MANDATORY that you share the whole drive , and NOT only the flightsimfolder.

When you do this FSCDbManager has no problems updating the airports over a network

Please pay special attention to the below picture , where "U" represents the mapped drive-letter of the ENTIRE shared drive on the server PC. Below this letter you see the name of the folder where flightsimulator is installed. If you share only the flightsimfolder this line is gone. FSCDbManager will tell you that you have choosen the correct path and start updating, however it will not find all airports (Thanks Volker :wink: )



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