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Some questions before purchase.

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1. FS2004(FS9)

2. FSUIPC 3.90 (registered)

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5. Operating System, XP Pro 32

I have been an FSNav user since FS98. With the increasing amount of addon aircraft in my hangar, with FMCs that use AIRAC cycle data from Navigraph, I have been looking for a replacement for FSNav which will use the monthly SID/STAR data...FSNav does not. I have been looking at FS Commander and I think it will do the job. It can be updated monthly with the AIRAC data, including SID/STAR data and, as a bonus, it also allows the installation of the daily NATS and PACOTS tracks. I downloaded and read the manual and I have a couple of questions about using FS Commander that I could npot find a definitive answer for in the manual:

1. FS Nav allowed the user to "drag-and-drop" waypoints, navaids, airports, etc. from the map into the flightplan window. Can this be done with FS Commander?

2. If a waypoint was erroneously placed in the flightplan list, it could be move by simply dragging it up or down in the flightplan to the desired position. Can I do this in the FS Commander flightplan box?

3. Does FS Commander have the ability to "de-clutter" the map with a single button? FSNav has a button..."Show flightplan waypoints only"... which would remove all map data except the user's flightplan waypoints and route. It also left the airports and "terrain" (rivers, coastlines, mountains, etc.) on the map. This made it easy to remove uneeded map data after the flightplan was created.

None of these functions, if not available in FS Commander, would be a reason for me to not purchase FS Commander. I ask only out of curiosity.

Thank you.


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Hi Vic,

there is no drag'n drop functionality in FSC. FSC is not FSNav, you will be mising some features in FSC and there will be other features you missed in FSNAV. But the most important advantage of FSC is: FSC is alive !!! :D

But why don't you download the trialversion of FSC to find out whether FSC fits to your needs?


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Thanks for the replies.

I realize that "FSC is not FSnav". It allows the use of monthly AIRAC sid/star downloads and the integration of NAT/PACOTS tracks. THAT's why I'm researching FS commander. That being said, I think FSC would benefit greatly if it DID allow "drag and drop". I have read many posts, at various places, and the biggest complaint is how much less "user friendly" FSC is for those who manually create flight plans, like me. FSNav makes manual creation/editing of a flight plan so much easier than FSC because it does support "drag and drop" in all of it's functions.

The next largest complaint I see is that FSC will not "fly the aircraft" like FSNav does. This one I find ridiculous...I don't depend on ANY flight planning software to "fly my aircraft" and I have never used FSNav to act as some sort of autopilot. I have, however, read several threads here commenting on the exporting of flightplans. The response was always "FSC won't fly your aircraft"...even though that was NOT what was being asked. What was being asked, and I'll repeat the question here, is...do exported flightplans include altitude data that my aircrafts FMC will follow? If I include a SID or STAR in my FSC flightplan, it may include altitude restrictrions (No...?). Will those altitude restrictions be included in the export to, say, PMDG aircraft? I felt very sorry for the poor soul who originally asked about this...nobody seemed to know what he was asking.

"While there is no "drag & drop" a simple right click will move a waypoint to the flight plan"

I'm more concerned with moving waypoints that are already in the FP. It seems a chore, once a waypoint is "in"...to move it if needs be?

As far as the "trial"...35 minutes?? LOL! I would need, at the very least, 4 hours of continued use to really see what FSC can do. 35 minutes doesn't even get me past my departure! You must be relying on FSC's "auto route generation"...something I will NEVER do in any flight planner.

The more I read about FSC, the less I think I need it (no offense intended). I can download PACOTS/NATS and input the waypoints into FSNav fairly easily. SID/STAR's will always be a pain in FSNav...but it's ease of use more than makes up for that.

Thank you all for you replies.


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