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Deleting AFD files in conflict


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I have problem with fsx - accelration. I have a lot of addons and mytraffic off course.

Suddently when I approach UK fsx ctd.

I got the information to delete mytraffic afd from UK2000

AFD Conflicts

Click here for an explanation of AFD/AFCAD Conflicts

It is unfortunately that one of the biggest problems in FS has not been resolved by ACES. The AFD data is a special file that contains the basic layout of an airport. If you replace that airport with another, the designer will provide a replacement AFD file. The AFD file in theory uses the 'layering' system as part of the FS Scenery Library and should insure the correct AFD file is used for the scenery. But despite 3 sim releasing having this system, it still doesn't correctly work and multiple AFD files will conflict and effect the add-on scenery.

Traditionally UK2000 have only used the AFD file to make sure AI aircraft taxi and park correctly. With the release VFR Airfields for FSX, this is no longer true and the AFD files directly displays scenery. So any conflict will not only effect AI aircraft , it will also effect the visuals of the product as well. So its become a even more annoying problem for users when they get an AFD conflict. Most conflicts are a result of another airport AFD file, for example if you have Gatwick Free, then you have to remove it before using Gatwick Xtreme. Dealing with our own product is simple, but gets complex when dealing with other developers products. The most common conflict comes with AI add-on packages like FS Traffic, My-Traffic and Ultimate traffic. These add-ons will install there own airport AFD files. You need to delete these files or else problems will occur. As I said this is especially true for VFR Airfields for FSX.

What can I do?

You have to find the AFD scenery folder that is used by the conflicting add-on, and manually remove the airport files that conflict. Nearly all AFD files will have the airport code name as part of the file name For example My Traffic X would use this folder

[FSX folder]/MyTraffic/scenery/

It will then have a list of files. Lets take Southampton Airport as an exmaple, like "BR2_EGHI.BGL" (Southampton airport). To solve any conflict with the VFR Airfields Southampton, you need to remove that file (or backup to a stored location). You need to do the same thing for all airports that conflict.

I use FSX Airport Scanner from http://www.scruffyduckscenery.co.uk/ to try to sort out which afd files to remove.

No I try to eliminate conflicting files.

All the best

Jens Michlas

CPH - Denmark

I tried to attach scenery.cfg, fsx.cfg and some error report but it was not allowed...


Vista Ultimate 32-bit

Graphics Card: ATI HD2900 XT Overdrive Autoadjust, Quad core Q 9450, Easytune 6 Turbo selected Gigabyte motherboard GA-P35T-DQ6 (rev. 1.0), 4 gigs of Ram

I have: FSX acceleration, SDK installed all the way from FSX through sp1 sdk to this one. And selected the configSDK for making sure SDK is installed.

REX Real Environment Extreme, ATX and X graphics, My traffic, X pax, TrackIR, Trible Head2go, Radar Contact 4, Hotas Cougar, FsBuild and Mytraffic.

Then all the good planes from PMDG: 747, Captain Sim: 757,727. Wilco: Airbus series I, II & 380, Legacy, 737, 777. CLS: DC-10, A340, Level-D: 767, Cool sky Super 80 Classic and pro, flight 1 Atr 75-500, CS C-130, Majestic Software Q300

FS2Crew: Pmdg747, PMDG MD 11, Wilco Airbus’s, Level-D 767, FSUIPC: Registered, CS 757, flight 1 Atr 75-500,

Scenery: Cloud9: Xcity Rome, Orlando, Xclas AA. FsDream scenery: Zurich, O'Hara, Chicago and JFK.

Ground Environment: USA-Canada. FranceVFR: Paris; vfr, autogenpack. ImagineSim: Cincinatti, La Guardia. ORBX: Hole Australia and YMML. FS global 2008, UK2000: Edinburgh, Gatwick, Stansted, Glasgow & Heathrow. Aero-Files: Vagar Extreme. Aerosoft: MegaAirport Brussels, Mega Airport Frankfurt, Mega Airport Barajas and Charles de Gaule and Tahiti. FLY TAMPA: Hong Kong, Sint Marten. Fly wonderful Island La Gomera

Fspassenger, FSBuild, Vroute.info,

Tropical sims: 16 airport X generation bundle

SceneryTech: Europe Landclass, Asia Landclass. And some more

CR-software: German Landmarks FSX V2.1

Sound: TSS, SynchroSoft. AC-TrafficSounds,

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The first thing I would try is uncheck the tickbox in Scenery [MyTraffic\scenery] within FSX and click OK to rebuild the database and then head for the UK and see if you still have the CTD problem.

If you still have the problem it is not tied to the MyTraffic AFD files.

If it loads OK then you'll need to know what airports are contained in the UK2000 scenery, maybe by their manual?.

I never move or delete the MyTraffic AFD files. I find that simply renaming each offending one will work. In the example you give above I would rename BR2_EGHI.BGL to BR2_EGHI.BGL.passive, then FSX won't load it.


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While I heard about logical problems with some addons airports which continue to use FS9 code or FSX code based on FS9 code, and did not make new airports using FSX header code, but love to blame Microsoft for using data that are 3 years newer, I never heared of a CTD associated with this. But if you use addon airports it is always safe to rename BR2_EGHI.BGL to BR2_EGHI.BGL.passive as example. Mike recommendation is fine, if it still crashes the problem is somewhere else.

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