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Well, I've just been had by the arrogant developer of this software. He maintains that I just don't know how to read. I maintain he's full of crap - typical. You get money for your product and then the developer screws you because he doesn't understand what you say. He says he's not going to answer any more posts in my support message. Too bad. He might find a problem in his software that he didn't know about.

I've now purchased the FS Commander product twice with a charge for an update I couldn't get. This is the level of human interaction we now have today. The developer assumes they have all the understanding and the user is completely stupid. As for myself, I've been in the FS hobby for many years, I have a graduate degree in Computer Science, and a degree in Mathematics; I can read pretty well.

It's too bad there are people like this in our hobby - they give it a really bad name.

And BTW - the database manager has problems reading the FlyMex scenery packages. I had to remove all the packages before the database manager would work. So much for the perfect product.


PS From now on I'll reach out to users for help. You certainly can't get it here without a lot of negative attitude. Too bad, this is a great product.

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Well I don't know who you are because you haven't even had the decency to write out your name but I hope that Sascha and Volker don't waste any time dealing with you. You might have a degree in Computer Science and in Mathematics but you lack on a lot of other fronts such as human relations and communications.

You say you've been in the FS hobby for many years yet you don't even know that the authors of this fine piece of software are among the top vendors as far as support goes. This is a friendly forum through which decent people of various ages and competence in the hobby help each other and I can tell you my friend that even if I knew what it is that you need help with, I wouldn't give you the time of day.

This forum doesn't need people of your type and I would find it a blessing not to ever see a post from you again.

Good luck in trying to find a user to help out!


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i note youve been a forum member for nearly six years!

in that time you must have seen how the developers have

supported the members.

sometimes even support forum developers can get wound up when posters

send posts without enough info for the members/developers to help.

i dont know (and dont want to know) whats happenened for you to upset

sascha or volger, but im sure the vast majority still feel happy with the level of support given

by our forum members.

personally i think FSC is good value for money. i dumped fsnav,

bought ver 7 and got a discounted upgrade to ver8.

sascha/volger are continually improving their product (eg latest upgrade to ver8.5.)

all my problems got resolved with the good will of this forum,

perhaps you should take a break , then pm sascha or volger to try and settle your dispute again.

it would be a shame to lose any members of the FS community.


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