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boing's An 24,26,30 and 32 paint thread


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on we go to the An 24,26,30 and 32 paint thread. included here are 3 files (template, blank textures, and layers) and each has a set of files in them. template is obviously the to do list, blank textures are the textures that are not in layer forum, and layers which are obviously the blank texture layers. as you can see there are 140 airlines to do so i have attached these files for anyone out there who wants to paint an airline or two (or more :)) if you do want to paint one or two or more just tell me through here so i can check it off.

-thank you



blank textures.zip

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ya i saw that, but it was only by accouple pixels. you should never say never :lol: i can still add stuff to the blank texture. when i checked the real planes i didn't see anything pop out at me that needed to be added. for instance if you look at the ATR42 and 72 you can see that on the very front of the fuselage there is a red and gray part. and as you can see that pops out at you:


but looking at the An's there is really nothing that pops out at you:





-thank you

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i have 4 ready to be put on here and i checked them in fsx and there are no problems with them so i was wondering if i could just upload them without the picture? since the deadline is getting closer and closer it would be much quicker if there was no picture but i checked it in fsx.

-thank you

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nvm Burkhard, thanks to simon for telling me.

here is Dalavia, Katekavia, Donbassaero, and Lukiaviatrans. i couldnt find the An26 version on airliners.net of Donbassaero, i couldnt find any pictures of Tajik Air, and Aeroflot Nord is already done.

next: i plan to post these in groups of 4 or 5 so next is Yakutia, Cubana, Selva, Alrosa and Angara.

not next: both Tomskavia and Syrianair didnt have pictures.







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with midnight approaching and Angara being harder than i thought, i thought i should just post what i have done and finish another batch of 5 tomorrow. (including Angara)

so here is Yakutia, Cubana, Selva and Alrosa.

next: Angara, Novosibirsk Avia, Sibaviatrans and Aviant

not being done: i cannot find any An24 or An32 pictures for Kras avia and couldnot find any record of Alrosa flying An26's and SAT was already made by gerry23.

-thank you





An32-Selva 2.zip


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Aviant is taking me too long so i will just post the next 4 instead of the next 5.

next: Aviant, The State Flight Academy, Cityline Europe, Air Koryo and Avialesookhrana

not next: i cannot find any pictures for Phoenix Avia and the tail logo on LVIV is very bad on all of the pictures of LVIV on airliners.net.

-thank you



An26-Novosibirsk Avia.zip


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