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Wishes for removals for 5.2a

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Sorry to start with bad news, but i just read that Air Senegal has ceased operation, so will be removed for version 5.2a from actual schedules ( but reamin in the time machine from 2001 to 2008) . If anybody knows of other ceased airlines or expired types, please add them here until may 1st.

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The following list is from Flight International March 31 '09 - "Departures (ceased ops in the past year). Some may/will not be applicable to MyTraffic. No guarantee is given as to the accuracy, or otherwise, of the listing.

Adam Air - Indonesia

AeBal - Spain

Aero Airlines - Estonia

Aero California - Mexico

Aerosur Paraguay - Paraguay

African International Airways - South Africa

African Safari Airways - Switzerland

Air Bee - Italy

Air Comet Chile - Chile

Air Midwest - USA

Air One - Italy

Air Tahoma - USA

Airclass Airways - Spain

Airlines Tonga - Tonga

Aladia Airlines - Mexico

Alma de Mexico - Mexico

Aloha Airlines - USA

Angkor Airways - Cambodia

Apatas Air - Lithuania

Arrow Panama - Panama

ATA Airlines - USA

Aviajet - UK

Aviaprad - Russia

Avolar - Mexico

Big Sky Airlines - USA

Boston-Maine Airways - USA

Bravo Airlines - Spain

BritishJet.com - UK

Cameroon Airlines - Cameroon

Carib Aviation - Antigua

Caribair - Dominican Republic

Champion Air - USA

City Star Airlines - UK

Coast Air - Norway

Constellation West Indian Airways - Trinidad & Tobago

DBA - Germany

Dirgantara Air Service - Indonesia

Enimex - Estonia

Eos - USA

Euromanx - Isle of Man

European Aviation Air Charter - UK

Far Eastern Air Transport (FAT) - Taiwan

Flightline - UK

flyLAL - Lithuania

flysur.com - Spain

flyyeti.com - Nepal

Focus Air Cargo - USA

Freedom Air - New Zealand

Futura Gael - Ireland

Futura International Airlines - Spain

Galaxy Airlines - Japan

GB Airways - UK

Gemini Air Cargo - USA

Girjet - Spain

Hansung Airlines - South Korea

Inter Airlines - Turkey

Interavia Airlines - Russia

Karat - Russia

Kato Airline - Norway

Kitty Hawk Aircargo - USA

Kosmas Air - Serbia

KrasAir - Russia

LTE International - Spain

Macair Airlines - Australia

MyTravel Airways - UK

Nationwide Airlines - South Africa

Nordic Airways - Sweden

Nordic Leisure - Sweden

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines - Hong Kong

Omskavia Airlines - Russia

Prima Charter - Poland

Samara Airlines - Russia

Siem Reap Airways International - Cambodia

Silverjet - UK

SkyAirWorld - Australia

Skybus Airlines - USA

Sterling Airlanes - Denmark

Swazi Express Airways - South Africa

Tesis Airline - Russia

Tri MG - Indonesia

Universal Airlines - Spain

XL Airways - UK & Ireland divisions only!

Yeongnam Air - South Korea

Zoom Airlines - Canada

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Thanks, a very difficult to interpret list at least. Air One still is flying, while going to be part of new Alitalia eventually, with the usaul 10% probability of events to happen in Italy as planned, Northwest isn't on the list at all and was the biggest massacre of an airline, others just change the name but keep the callsign - so if anybody has first hand knowledge please don't hesitate...

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The listing of carriers that ceased operations in 2008 and early 2009 was provided in good faith from an authoritative source. I am unable to comment on the status of Air One. As to Northwest, I have just been on their website - 2009-04-27 - at nwa.com and they are still offering a full range of services. Their "merger" with DELTA is a protracted process and will not be complete for sometime; aircraft will also continue to fly in Northwest colors until their next scheduled paintshop visit.

Glad to be of help...

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Thanks - this illustrates how complex it is to take a snapshot of reality that is assumed to be the best choice for this summer...

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