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Problem with route planner

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I'm having a problem trying to create a route that goes from London to Rome via Paris. I'm trying to go via the VOR PGS (near to LFPG) however it's taking me to a VOR over 4000NM away! (which has the same code). Is there a way to make flight sim commander use one of the stations instead of the other?


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I do it manually, however I've figured the problem out! Example if I put in EGLL PGS LIRP then it takes me via America. However if I put EGLL LIRP, then find the PGS station on the map and right click on it the route works fine!

Thanks anyway!

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I'll post my question in this thread as it is somewhat related.

I created a LIME-EGSS flightplan using navaid routing. FSC (or I) selected the correct waypoints. I saved the plan then loaded it in both FS9 and Radar Contact. Everything was CORRECT.

Then, as I was monitoring flight progress on the FSC map, I noticed the flight route was messed up. I called the FP into view and noticed that 3 waypoints had been substituted with w/p with the same codes in North America and the Caribbean (TUL, MAU, MTN I think). This must have happened after I had saved the FP but while it was still in memory. Very strange!

It is also possible that I reloaded at some point into FSC the plan I had just saved. Even then, are not the saved waypoints identified uniquely? Are just the 3-letter codes saved? And if so, how do RC and FS manage to find the correct ones?

This is all very puzzling. Can anyone explain?



Version 8.5 Download from Aerosoft.

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Hi Phil,

we have tried to somehow verify the problem you described, but unfortunately we could find any abnormal behavior of the flight planner. Of course, when flight plans are loaded, we not only check the ICAO code, but also the corresponding lat/lon values, since navaid names can be geographically ambiguous.

In order to help you, I suggest the following. Please create the original plan again and save it. Then reload the plan and save it again under a different name. Send the two plans to Volker (his email address is on our homepage). We will check what is happening.



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