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I have purchased the download from SimMarket and downloaded and opened the zip file from the Commander web site using administrator rights. However, a fatal error message appears - Installation ended prematurely because of an error. In additon, where does one enter the registration key to validate purchase.?

I have:

1. FSX.


3. Download version from your website.

5. Operating System Vista32.

Thank you.


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Eric. Thanks but no good. The problem lies with the FS Commander setup. When installing from the downloaded zip file, the "Wizard" says "Next" and when the "Next" buton is hit the error occurs. This is with all ways of adminstrator rights and firewall (Norton) off or on.


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Hi Barrie,

I could'nt help wondering about your statement ". . .When installing from the downloaded zip file . . ." You might want to confirm that you have unzipped the downloaded folder before proceeding to installation. After that step out of the way, other members with VISTA experience might be in a better position to offer additional advice.

A given maybe but your statement does raise that possibility.

Regards, Jean-Jacques

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I have unzipped everything and have come to the stage of installation. The Wizard says Next -- when that is selected the error occurs. I cannot be more succinct than that.

I have had an expert in Vista look at the problem and the conclusion is that the there is an error in the download file from the Commander web site.

With any other software, when one downloads the software and installs it, one follows the dowload wizard and it does what is says!

When I follow the dowload wizard and hit NEXT -- the error occurs.

I have downloaded other software since this problem and everything has been fine- except for FS Commander 8.5.

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Hello Barrie,

if I have understand you start the FSCSetup.exe and the error message appears after you click on the next button from the Welcome installer site. Right?

Now what i can say is, I have downloaded the file FSC85.zip from the server and install ist on a lot of different Vista 32bit PCs. I had no problems with the installer.

Ok this is fine, but dont help you. I will talk about your problem with the Autor and send you a PN.

Regards Eric

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Hi Barrie,

please try to answer on the following to do´s.

a) it will be very helpfull to know exactly the text of the error message

b) under normal circumstances a logfile is written by the installation routine and can (must) be found on the drive where you have starting the installation routine (for example, if you start FSCSetup from your desktop, the Log File shell be found also on the desktop) If you find this logfile, the content will be very helpfull.

Best regards


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Thanks Eric for your wonderful help.

I had an expert in computing fix the problem but do not ask me what he did - it was something to do with Vista.

Now, everything is up and running and what a magnificent programme - it beats everything else hand down.


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