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STB V2.2 Patch Availabilty

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As it will take a few days for STB V2.2 to reach the shops, here's a patch you can download. As a special gift to the forum community, you guys get it first! Don't forget STB V2.2 is a free update for existing customers. If you would like to try the patch, I'd be glad to hear how it worked out for you either on the forum, PM or email.


Unpack the .exe file inside the zip and run it. The patch will ask for your STB installation folder and verify it is ready for the upgrade. All versions of STB from all shops are supported by the patch. After installing the fix, I recommend you redeploy the STBServer to activate the new version:

- Start STB

- Open the Settings Notebook (press the settings button)

- Deployment Tab

- If the STBServer says "Installed", remove it

- Press the Deploy button to install the new version.

As well as a better Delete AI Command (that needs to be activated on the Commands Tab), the new STBServer if you have AIRound and wish to use the integration now available.

To check all is well, start FSX and connect from STB. You will see a message:

Super Traffic Board Server is good!


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I have tried to install the patch but says it can't update with a message V2.1\Uninstall.exe unknown version? The product was purchased from the Flight Sim Store Order No 24339. Can you please help me with a solution to this problem as I am eager to try V2.2!


Andrew Dixon

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No problem I can fix that later on today. Some of the shops do their own installers, I don't always get a copy of those installers back so I can't catch every version. I'll change the update not to be concerned with this file, and upload a little later.



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