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I have recently found that some MyTraffic AI aircraft are invisible! They show up on Flight Sim Commander, ATC talks to them, you can even follow where they should be using the Super Traffic Board View AI - but on the FSX screen they are not there. This is both incoming and outgoing AI - the incoming AI actually show smoke from the tyres - but no aircraft are visible. I'm NOT talking about the deletion of AI if they wait to taxi too long etc. This is different. It seems to happen on both default and add-on airports. I have the AI slider well up as I like lots of AI.


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No, it's not the shadows problem - I'd guess that 90% of the AI is perfect. It's just that a few are invisible...

Since 90% of all the aircraft in MyTraffic 5.2 are FSX SP2 models, immune to the shadow problem, and the remaining 10% are older origin not convertable and to be still redone, I wouldn't exlude. Other than that, please tell us exact

Operating System

FSX version

MyTraffic version

and which aircraft is missing for you. One user shortly had a file missing for the ATR42-500, while ATR42-200 worked perfect.

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Missing aircraft are:


Bombadier CARJ

BAE 46

Boeing B752

McD Douglas MD11

Douglas DC8

There may be others at different airports/schedules. The attached screenshot shows that other AI aircraft are perfect!

I'm running FSX + Acceleration on Vista 64 bit, MyTraffic 5.1 with the two updates.



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All these aircraft where still pre FSX SP2 code in 5.1b. ( Which appered a few days after FSX SP2). So either use the DX10 schedules, which don't use them, or switch off the aircraft shadows on ground, or update to version 5.2.

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So it is the shadow problem ;-) Aerosoft uses FS7 style ground polygons, since they still are the sharpest ones possible, and FSX cannnot put shadows of Pre-DX10 aircraft on FS7 polygons.

Compatibilty of FSX with pre DX10 aircraft and with FS7 polygons does not mean compatibility with a combination of both.

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The Tu154 like all Russians are now FSX with the free 5.2a update. For the Do 328 this update also patches it. So by now, only the Jetstream 41 and the Twin Otter and the Concorde are old aircraft, as the L1011 which is not flying anymore.

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