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Adding custom aircraft & repaints to My traffic please help


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Hi guys,

I am new here and was wondering if anyone could help me out on this issue. I was hoping to add the overland airbus A320 series with custom repaints. I have no idea how I can do this or if it is possible at all with my traffic X. If anyone could help me it could be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


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It is possible. It will need you to read two hours, to learn and experiment another few ones, then it goes like baking brezels.

From MyTraffic site all you need is the MyTraffic editor. From an installed aircraft, all you need is the aircraft.cfg resp sim.cfg file. I strongly recommend that you backup MTXV52a.myt, which the data base that comes with MTX and contains all you see with default install. You may want to go back to it after some experiment, so make a backup. Also, you have to copy Trafficdatabasebuilder.exe from your SDK folder into the MyTraffic folder manually.

Next question then is what you want to do?

Let us take a simple example, all the rest you can read in the documentation that comes with MyTraffic.

I assume that your Overland A320 contains a paint for Lufthansa ( any other is the same ). In the aircaft.cfg, you will find the section decribing the Lufthansa paint, and this will contain a line title=xxx or title="xxx" - in both cases we need xxx, copy and paste that soemwhere into notepad.

Now, start the MyTraffic Editor. Open the database (kopie) .- the leftmose little button should give you a dialog, and you should see MyTraffic\MTXV52a.myt . Open it. It will take a few seconds to read and sort into all the fields.

Now under airlines, select edit airline, and select Lufthansa, you will see a dialog with how LH is defined in MyTraffic. (First hub EDDF...). In the lower section, you see all the types defined for Lufthansa, you should find an A320-LH1 or similar. Select this and press edit. Now you get a dialog that shows the information about the type - among them a title. Now you just replace the title by the onve you copied a while ago, without " and without any , that is important for AI traffic, press OK and cloase to all the dialogs. Now you told MyTraffic to use the Overland A320 instead of its own. You only have to run a "create all files and schedules", which takes less than 5 minutes typically, and a new set of schedules should be created and copied to the correct place - you can safe the database ( under another name with safe as I recommend again ), end the editor and start FSX.

Now comes the most delicate question. Go to EDDF, there are always some LH A320. Does the Overland show up? Is it placed properly. And now you should watch one to get alive, be handled, taxi, start, and another one if they land properly. Many good user planes fail at this point, they are not compatible to be used as FSX AI, so if they crash at takeoff, you either have to modify their flight characteristics ( do you want to do it? ) or end the project.

If it contains airlines that are missing in MyTraffic 52a, please a) tell us which are missing, work on 52b started already, and b) read the manuals how to add new airlines ( if necessary, tell us which is missing in MTX ) and then new types, and how to either semi-automatically or automatically schedule them. If you succeeded with the above, you should be on track already.

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