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Another New Feature Idea

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I have FS Commander and several other flight planning software, but I feel FSC is far better for me because of it is very user friendly, yet the map is just like having dynamic sectional charts. I love the ability to measure distance and heading and instantly see coordinates by mouse placement.

I was thinking of a good feature that maybe would be easy to implement, if it isn't already in it and I'm just missing it.

Many times I get on my FS9 or FSX and my biggest question is "where to?". I think it would be great if FSC could have a complete random flight plan feature that would generate a city pair and complete flight plan (user could add SIDs and STARs).

All the user would have to do is select the type of aircraft whether they wanted a short, medium or long flight using VFR or IFR and high or low altitude, maybe even with an option feature that could select water runways, then hit "Go". The flightplan would be complete and a total surprise every time.

I don't know if this could be done, but I think it would be pretty cool. :D



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Hi Bob,

There may be others but visit the following site: http://www.fourflights.com/. This utility won't do it all for you, far from it, but it does help with the element of 'surprise' by offering the user 'surprise' destinations in four different flying conditions.

When a user prefers to select the departure and destination points including the type of aircraft, VRoute provides free downloadable flights plans ready to use if the plans exist in their database. Visit the site at http://vroute.net/.



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I typically will go to http://flightaware.com and load up the current day's flights out of whatever airport (in the US/Canada only) where I last parked my aircraft... I look for departure flights of real world a/c that are close to what I'm flying.

Every so often, I luck up and find the same type of a/c departing around the same time as I, and can set up and fly the exact same route along with the real a/c... :mrgreen:

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That sounds like fun too. :D I' ll definately be trying it.

It's really more realistic doing it that way because no airline pilot is going to go to work and say "Let's see. Where do I want to go today?"

If that were the case, everyone would be going to Hawaii and nobody would be coming back. :lol:

Thank you Bill,


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I want to thank everyone again for all the ideas with these random flightplans. You have changed the way I sim.

Several times, I have gotten flight plans from a random flight on Flight Aware and copy/paste the route string into FSC8 and Bingo! my flight plan is made.

This is a great feature that I just discovered.

Yesterday I open Vroute and picked a flight from Bogota, Colombia to Mexico City. Copy/pasted the route string into FSC8 and in a fraction of a second, had a complete flightplan to import into FSX.

If everybody realized how great FSC8 is, they would all be using it. For me, it don't make sense to use anything else. FSC8 can do it all and is extremely user friendly.

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