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MyTraffic X paint kits for the public domain


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Dear friends, due to many efforts here by numerous of you, MyTraffic X now contains more airline paints than any other package, including the famous freeware packages, and more airlines than the complete internet.

Still, new paint schemes, special schemes show up every day, and the historical paints haven't been made for MyTraffic X yet too. In our new cooperation with Ultimate Traffic 2, the wish for specially prepared paint kits came up again. I will start to collect them and add all the paint kits that I put togehter here.

When it comes to legal status of software or textures, things can get too complicated easily, especially when two commercial entities from two different countries are touched. To get a glass clear status for everything attached to this thread, and downloaded from here, the paint kits here, the blank textures, the example included in each of them and the tools added I declare to be in the public domain, and all paints made using any of these have to be in the public domain. No warrenty whatsover is taken. If you want to make paints that are not in the public domain, I can supply you with blank textures, tools, and you can start your own paint thread in the MyTraffic forum, please just don't start from here in this case.

The small print, of course not needed:

While you are free to upload textures in the public domain everywhere you want, you must not publish the aircraft models themselves in any way. If you do so, you act as a publisher of copyrighted materials, and will have to pay a royalty for every download of this publication as high as a full copy of MyTraffic.

About this thread:

I will remove all small talk from this thread, including mine, to keep it an archive. If you have anything to say that should not be deleted, say it elsewhere :D

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