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Always save plans to FS9 possible?


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1. FS2004(FS9)

2. FSUIPC version 3.90 / WideFS *none*

3. FS Commander Version 8.5 Build 200409 and Database Manager version 8.5 Build 230309

4. Download version from your website

5. Operating System XP

Is it possible to always save plans to FS9not FSN (default)/ not to FSX either?

I may be doing the wrong procedure.

If I load a plan, Save As, give new FP name, select go direct to FS9, error (ok), locate FS9 plan foldersave, OK.

Exit FSN

The ini file is updated OK:

FPPATH09=C:\Documents and Settings\Vaughan\My Documents\Flight Simulator Files\

Start FSN, load a plan, save as, give new name,select go direct to FS9,.....

ERROR , need to reenter FS9 location! .... NOT ok.

Here, I would think the ini file would give the last saved FS9 location and all would be ok and path reentery avoided?

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Hi Vaughan,

The 3rd comment on the following post may help understand FSC's process of saving flightplans: http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?f=155&t=75738.

Although originally intended to deal with PMDG flighplans, my exchanges with Volker helped me better understand the process and the address that should appear on the Flight Plan tab of the Options window for the first option entitled Folder Flight Simulator 2004 (for add-on aircraft). The address should be: C:\PROGRAM FILES\MICROSOFT GAMES\FLIGHT SIMULATOR 9 chosen by navigating to it.

When saving flight plans, choosing less options on the right side of the Save/Load Flight Plan window will result in fewer copies of the plan being saved but I doubt that only one copy, the FS9 copy, can be saved. The way I understand the process, when only the FS Commander/Flight Simulator option is chosen, I believe two copies of the plan will be saved: one in the FSC directory (FSplan) and another in the My Documents directory (Flight Simulator Files).

Regards and I hope this helps,


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Thank you for reply.

I previously read your posts(and others) while searching the forum .. before I did this post.

But my question waswhy did I get an error message?

With correct "path" in the .INI file the next time I start FSN and "save as" , selecting direct to FS9 .. there should be no error message. It should "default" to the path that was already in the .INI file.

Maybe the best solution would be to automatically send all flight plans to FSN, FS9 and FSX if installed.

Then also "other" addons like PMDG/LevelD if their(s) box(s)) have been checked.

For example, when I save a plan I always want it to go to FS9 and Level-D.

So, to get it to FS9 I "always" have to find the path to FS9 then save it .... Not good!

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