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Networking Real Extreme Enviornment

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Networking Real Extreme Enviornment? Can this be done?

I don't know it, so I assume it isn't an FSUIPC client program. It sounds like a weather and/or graphics program? If it isn't a separate program (nothing installed in FS) and/or doesn't use FSUIPC to accomplish its tasks, then it isn't Networkable via WideFS, as WideFs only presents a copy of the external FSUIPC interface.

If it is for FSX only and uses SimConnect then there is a possibility in that direction, but you'll need to consult its documentation about that.



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It is a stand alone just came out not to long ago. It is a weather engine....High Very High Definition.

If you mean "REX", then I think it is primarily a graphics effects program for FSX, and integrates itself via textures and so forth into the sim, not via a network. The HD weather would be referring to the cloud textures. For the weather control it probably uses SimConnect, certainly not FSUIPC. There's a possibility that its control program could be run on a Network (as, indeed, does ASA, another simConnect weather control program), but you'd have to refer to its documentation or support to find out.

Also is there anyway to run ai traffic (My Traffic X) networked?

As Jim says, there is no program for AI traffic running other than FSX -- the AI traffic is defined in FSX (on and FS9 for that matter) in a collection of data files (BGLs for routes and schedules, Aircraft folders for the aircraft models). There's nothing to run outside of FSX, let alone on a Network.

Ultimate Traffic 2 provides AI traffic a different way, however. It injects the flights via SimConnect, using a program external to FSX. So, theoretically that program might be usable from a SimConnect client PC over a Network link. I'm not sure if they've allowed for that (the program would probably need intimate access to the Aircraft folders). But either way, I don't see that you'd gain anything -- the work of creating and flying the traffic is still being done by FSX. All the control program is doing is sending the instructions to create it and set the flight plans.



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I use both REX and My Traffic X.

REX can be run on a networked config via SimConnect. It doesn't support WideFS. (You can find this information also in the manual provided by REX and installed in the REX directory or at the REX forum)

For My Traffic X: it has to be installed on the same computer as FSX so a networked setup is just inpossible.

Hope this helps,



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