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Hello Burkhard

I am just about ready to give up FSX because I have been having a problem for last year and half. I seldom make a successful trip without FSX crashing or video going heywire. After a while flying, if I go into menu (2d) and come back, video is descrambled. I have changed MB, Memories, replaced CPU, changed graphics card, changed OS and tens of reinstallation of both OS and FSX. The mistake that I have always made is installing everything before I even start flying. After trying a flight today and FSX crashed, I looked in the problem solution area Vista 64 and discover the problem was associated with a module named "sim1.dll". After doing a web search, it lead me to MTX. What I would like to know is there a way to deactivate MTX without uninstalling it to see if indeed I would experience the same problem. I am using the latest MTX52b. My specs; are below. BTW, I am always hearing ATC advising SWA to climb to rediculous altitude like 620 or 730.

NOTE: I do not have a memory, PS or CPU problem.



ASUS P5Q SE PLUS/Thermaltake W0106 700W PSU

Intel QX6700 Quadcore - 2.66 OC TO 3.2

Vista Ultimate 64/CORSAIR XMS2 DHX 4GB (2 x 2GB)

2x150GB SATA WD Raptor- No Raid/2x320GB SATA WD SE16- No Raid

2x IDE Light-On DVDRW 165H65/BFG GTX260

3x SILENX 120X25MM FANS + 2x 10in XCLIO Wind Tunnel Case Fans

Danger Den Water Cooling/Enermax temp/fan controller


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I'm not aware of such a coincidence, could you please post where you found that? With more than 10 000 MTX installations out there, I would have real problems and found the reason since long :)

Also, if there is a crash, is it mostly in the same are, or world wide? I cannot exclude of course a crash in connection with other addons, especially if they are FS8 coded. In that case, FSX has to do a lot in the emulation machine, and it may not be enough memory left to the AI player.

This said, switching on and off MyTraffic is very simple, just go to the scenery library and uncheck MyTraffic as scenery, then end FSX and start it again. Then neither the MyTraffic flight plas nor the airports are loaded.

If you find the system to be stable for a few days then, we could come back to this post and enable the different parts of MyTraffic again to isolate where it happens.

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