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Win 7 RC 1 Possible Problem w/ FSCDB MANAGER

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VER 8.5 BUILD 20.04.09


WIN 7 RC1 Ultimate


The MAP does not show rwys 18c an 36c. These are new rwys added into FSX/add-on scenery,(months ago) and was working on the MAP KCVG.

The Sids and Stars are listed on FSC for KCVG. These rwys will show up on FSX when loaded. I have run the FSC manager several times, but, the rwys does not

show up and the FSC MAP: also, re-installed Navigraph 906, no change.

It seems that the FSC Mgr does not read the add-on rwys in WIN 7. The final WIN 7 will not be able until October, so I would like to know if any one

has the same problem in WIN RC1, at this time. I will report this problem to Microsoft WIN 7 .

My notation: Win 7 IS NOT Vista.

Bill Taylor

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ref 'my notation WIN7 is NOT vista'

sorry to dissapoint but,

win7 is really an upgrade of vista (click start,run and type winver into the box)

xp=ver5.xx vista=ver6.0.xx win7= ver6.1. xxxx where xxx is the build number.

ie vista and win 7 are based on the same ver 6 OS kernal so should work the same.

win 7 uses a later build of the version 6 OS kernal. release candidate1 is build

version 6.1.7100

it has had the vista duff bits removed, and the missing vista bits put back.

this makes it a much better OS because msoft have listened to the fallout from vista and fixed it. i have heard good things about win7.

nb from 1st march 2010 the freewin7 RC1 will start rebooting every 2 hours to make you purchase. it will expire completely 1st july 2010.

ie if you play with win7 now, be prepared to pay through the nose for it later.

im sticking with 64 bit vista cos its now matured and works fine for me. its also getting cheaper to buy.

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sorry to dissapoint but,

Hi, that is no dissapoint to me. I agree with your reference to Vista. M-Soft could has used a Vista upgrade, but the

Marketing Department used Win 7 as the more expense label. Now, Win 7 is not a Vista upgrade, it is a new OS,

according to their Market people. "Send Money"

I has a dual OS with Vista and Win 7 on the same computer, comparing FSC. The problem that I reported and the prior

on the Win 7 does not have the same problem on the Vista. Anyone, using Win 7 with FSC, can let us know if they has the

same problem. The solution is in either Win 7 or FSC.

I has already prepaid for the final Win 7, schedule for October late. The Disk will be shipped to be at that date. ($50.00 US)

Thanks for taking the time is reply to my subject item.

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you got it right when you said 'msoft marketing'.

thats exactly what win7 is,a marketing ploy

dont get me wrong, im not trying to rubbish win7 as its very good and much better than vista,

im just making the point that if win 7 was a brand new OS, then it would have had build numbers starting with a 7.x.xx

it still has 6.1.7100 ,so win7 is still a repair/fix of vista.

but hey, if you can get it stateside for $50 your a lucky man.

over here in UK it will be more like $100.

regarding your main problem,i doubt if FSC will be the problem,

ive never had any trouble with FSC in either XP or 64bit vista

are you running 32 or 64bit Win7?


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