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Problem with loading flight after install My traffix x

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Hi everyone.

I've got problem with My traffic X 5.2. Since I installed it and added My traffic X scenery to FSX Library,

I can't launch some flights. For example When I'd like to take a flight from airport

Poland, Katowice, Pyrzowice on 04.02.2009 at 07.11 the flight doesn't want to load.

It stops at about 85% and there is a message "FSX has stopped working"

If I use different time for this flight for example start at 07.05 not at 07.11

the flight is loading correctly but after 6 minutes when I tax to the runway the FSX

stops working and there is the same message again. When I delete My traffic X scenery

from FSX Library it's back to working correctly. Also it's working correctly when

I use different airport or when I set airlines traffic on 0%.

I have reinstalled everything but the problem still remains. I use Vista 32 bits.

I wonder if someone could check this flight and help me.


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I let the simulation run several times at both times, no crash here.

During the minute a Cessna402 resp a Do328 enters the neighbourhood, so just pull the C402MX folder and the Do328MX folder out of the aircraft folder and look if this cures, then we would have isolated the fault.

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Just a thought. When you installed My traffic X scenery to the FSX Library did you move it to between Propeller Objects and Addon Scenery?

Possibly if you are using an addon airport (Katowice, Pyrzowice)? maybe that is causing interference.


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At 07.11 local time. Mgbmike, the airport Katowice Pyrzowice (EPKT) is not an addon airport. I have moved My Traffic X scenery to between Propeller

Objects and Addon Scenery but it still doesn't want to work. Also I have moved CV402MX and the Do328MX folders out of the aircraft folder but

issue still exists. I found a problem report, it looks like that


Microsoft Flight Simulator®


Stopped working


19/07/2009 00:28


Report Sent

Problem signature

Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

Application Name: fsx.exe

Application Version: 10.0.61355.0

Application Timestamp: 4643ee0a

Fault Module Name: sim1.dll

Fault Module Version: 10.0.61355.0

Fault Module Timestamp: 4643f2aa

Exception Code: c0000005

Exception Offset: 00045128

OS Version: 6.0.6001.

Locale ID: 2057

Additional Information 1: f3b5

Additional Information 2: 67157acfc10691bf1c01accd62406c5a

Additional Information 3: b4f4

Additional Information 4: 686b80d14c6be7494511e7ba36846343

Extra information about the problem

Bucket ID: 431269383

I attach save of this flight FSX Flight Save.rar

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Thanks, I will check this flight later today.

This is a very gerneral error message still, just saying that the program gets into an unforseen situation in the main simulation module. What we know already is that it is not due to these two aircraft, and it only happens when the flight plans get loaded. If you use the DX9 schedules, maybe switch to the DX10 ones, if this works it might indicate that one of the files just has got a bad bit on your disk, something that always can happen due to cosmic rays etc...

If that isn't, to pin it further down, I would remove all aircraft from the aircraft folder. While youobviously would not see any of them now, it would be interesting to see if the flights can be loaded now. If - this would indicate that our search has to concentrate in the aircraft, if not, the aircraft are out of discussion. Still even if we can pin it down to an aircraft, it might still be that this uses a parking in the reality bubble that has a bad bit in a stock file, and only gets loaded in this rare case.

But maybe I can find something based on the flight too..

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Thanks very much for your help. The problem is already gone. It was a right track with this DX10.

A few days ago I uninstalled FSX Service Pack 2 because FSX had stopped responding me twice during a flights

and I believed that there is something wrong with that pack and DX10 on my machine.

I have installed back FSX SP2 and it's really working. Now I just hope FSX will be responding all the time.

By the way I wonder why the problem was only at this airport and at this time.

When I start flight 20 minutes later, at 07.30, everything was working perfectly.

Once again thanks a lot for your co-operation.

If I have any problem again I'll write again


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If you were loading from a saved flight from FSX SP2 and trying to load it in SP1 or vice versa this can cause crashes. The same thing can sometimes happen if you save a flight with one AFCAD and then update it for a new one at a later date, but still use the old saved flight.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I thought my problem was gone but it still remains unfortunately. My traffic X is not working on this airport and time under SP1 (DX9). I tried this using three different computers and I didn't use old saved flight from any previous installation but I was creating a brand new flight every time. It's working under SP2 (DX10) but when I have installed SP2 the FSX freezes during the flight and it doesn't matter if I have installed My traffic X or not. I contacted Microsoft support but they didn't really help me. They used just old tricks (create new user account, clear startup, don't use a full screen mode, update your drivers, etc.) Rebuilding a Logbook and FSX cfg files didn't help as well. I felt a little sorry and become disappointed because I've bought a new machine (Core Quad Q8300 2.5 GHZ, GeForce GT120 1GB, DDR2 4096MB) specially for FSX and now I am not able to take a full adventure from my home region. All others games that I have with similar requirements working really fantastic.

Of course I can use different time to take a flight from this airport and etc., but everyone likes knowing that everything's working good. If someone knows what to do to make My traffic X working under SP1 or how to make FSX not freezing after install SP2 I'll be very greatful for help.

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MyTraffic X works no problem under SP1. RTM perfermance is bad, but after SP1 I'm not aware of any problem.

Good to know the problem you see is independant of MyTraffic. You have installed FSX to the default location, or somewhwere else? Are you using W7 release candidate or the not working crap that was between XP and W7, I forget its name...

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I install everything into default locations. I use Vista Premium Home Edition 32bit. I know My Traffic X is working very nice. There is just this one stupid airport and time crash under SP1 and only under SP1 not SP2. So in my case I can tell that My Traffic X is working in 99.9999999% under SP1 and in 100%

under SP2 even 120% (This 20% extra is for really beautiful paintings :wink: ) I don't really know why FSX freezes after SP2. I met some people at different forums that have the same problem after installing SP2 or FSX Acceleration. Maybe SP2 doesn't like this Vista or graphic card. Before I bought this computer I played FSX using laptop with Radeon X1400 512MB and XP system. It was working fine. Now it's freezing on my new machine and it looks like that It stops display and TC voice but sound of engines is still working. After 5-10 min it backs to working and lets me finish this flight. The next flight it's exactly the same. Sometimes when I delete Logbook.bin file before running FSX there is one sometimes even two flights without this problem.

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So it "only" freezes for 5-10 minutes and then continues to work? That is completely normal for Vista and happens oftenly even with Word to just pause any keyboard input, or a deletion of a simple file taking 15 minutes :roll: . That is why development under Vista is completely impossible, when the response of GMAX to redraw a polygon maybe be immediate or in minutes..

Ignore the problem until you upgrade to W7 to get rid of the worth software ever produced by mankind is my advice in this case...

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There must be something in this what you said about Vista. I remember when I was formating hard disk using XP it took me 45min, the same hard disk same NTFS system using Vista 3 hours. Why? I don't know. It looks like that not everything what is newer is better. Thanks for your advice with upgrading this crap to W7.

I'll start thinking about that as soon as it will be possible for me but for now if I find XP drivers to my chipset and graphic card I'll back to XP. Sorry for bother you and thanks for your support.

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What you could try: I observe Vista to be much more stable if there is no connection to the internet. Unplug it, itf it is plugged, and try it out. Maybe it is just a blocking until the Chinese Secret Service has decided if you are allowed to continue...

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I found all XP drivers needed to my PC and installed my old but the best so far for me oper. system XP. I can really a Vista Recovery Disk put now into my rubbish bin. After about 30 flights I know that it's impossible to freeze FSX on my computer anymore. I was trying that even with 3 other softwares running and switching viewings as quick as possible. There is no way. It's just really working now. Maybe the Chinese Secret Service has no power under XP :lol: .

I don't miss Vista at all. There is nothing new and better in there, just different themes and gadget bar. Even under Vista I had to install extra codecs pack for simple format like AVI that what I don't need under XP. Thanks for your help. Now I can fully enjoy FSX with My Traffic X and all addons.

:wink: :D :D

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