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Sim Commander registration.

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I have windows XP, latest registered FSUIPC , and FS9.

My problem:

1) Some time ago I purchased the box version of FSComander. At that time it was version 8.2.

2) Installation, registration, and upgrades to 8.5 all worked fine. (Also FSC works great.)

3) My hard drive failed. Lost all data. Therfore I can't get to the copy of of the

register.fsc and fsc.ini files. ( Next time, I will copy them to a CD)

4) Installed FSC on my new Hard drive, but when trying to register it, it gets rejected.

5) Tryed support from AeroSoft, but I don't think they understand my problem. Their reply is that they only supply the upgrades.

So, who is the contact point for my problem, FScommander (which sends me to this forum) or AeroSoft? I have become dependent on FSC for all my flights with aircrafts that don't have an FMC.

I paid for this product and I should be able to use it on a new hard Drive. Also, when I replace this old PC, I should be able to load FSC on it.

How can I get this product t0 accept the provided registration key?

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Hi ???,

sorry to let you know that we are the developer and not the distributor.

In your case please contact the aerosoft support again and explain exactly your situation.



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Hi everyone,

Backup copy of what?

I fail to understand the issue behind what appears to be, in this particular case, a straightforward process. What could be safer than buying software on CD or DVD supplied with a registration key? In this scenario, a hard drive fails and is replaced with a new one; then begins the process of reinstalling the lost software; insert the CD/DVD in the drive, fill-out the data fields (name, registration key and any other required information). Shouldn't it be this simple? What's the difference between the second install process and the original install process? If there is a difference, then present and potential users of FSC should be informed.

In the case of downloaded software, it is imperative to copy to CD or DVD all downloaded files (initial download, updates, etc) and emails received from the vendors which normally contain information required to activate the software. When disaster strikes, the backup copies of downloaded software and associated documents which contain vital information such as passwords, registration keys, etc., allow the reinstallation of the software. I have religiously followed this backup measure for years and the investment in time has never failed me when reinstallation was required. I have done so in the past year, not because of a hardware failure, but in the context of reinstalling a fresh copy of FS9.

For the sake of protecting user investment and reduce frustration in a time of crisis, please add your own comments here so that others may benefit from your experience.



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