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AI Traffic gone !?


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I started the faster airports batch file, and now I don't have any AI traffic anymore. Nothing has changed in my settings, but all the AI traffic is gone. I recently installed MAIW AI traffic aside MyTraffic, could that be the problem ?

I have tried re-installing MyTraffic, but it's not working anymore .....

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If the MAIW traffic bgl that you installed is native to FS9 or is a ttools traffic file then that is probably your problem. The easiest way to check is to add a .passive behind all the MAIW traffic bgl's that you installed or just move them all to your desktop, start FSX and see if you AI returns.


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Yeah, sorry, my bad. That was the problem. Any way to convert my TTools files to MyTraffic compatible files. I like the fact that MyTraffic has military AI, but would still like to adapt it to my specifications.

How can I, for example, tell MyTraffic to allocate certain types ( Tornado, CH53, F-16 ) to certain bases ? Right now, everything is all over the place, and there are far too many helis for my taste.

Edit : I have found the option set preferences for certain airports, so I set up ETNJ to have frequent JaBoG 38 traffic, but rare traffic for the other Luftwaffe Squadrons. Also, I set up German Army to be rare. Is there a way to clone these settings for other bases, or must I prepare each one seperately ? Also, is there a way to pick out the very frequent CH53s ? They are not listed seperately, just in German Army.

Edit2: After testing, it seems even though JaBoG38 has 24 registrations set up, none of them are incorporated when MyTraffic compiles its traffic files. Weird. I would have thought it would schedule all 24 aircraft in some way. Absolutely none show up .....


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One thing I found is that JBG38 is a disbanded unit, so has no type valid for 2009 schedules. If you want to activate JBG38 again, change the ending date to 2020 for the type and check the ending dates of the planes. As long as there is no plane allowed for 2009, you cannot have any flying.

ETNT as example has lots of military parkings I checked, so there should be military traffic. Next question is if you switch on DX10 for schedule creation. Since neither the Tornado nor any other fighters are DX10 ready yet, you would kill them this way.

If this doen't help, please tell us exactly what you do and try, also which version of MyTraffic Editor you use.

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