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Online Datas in FlightplanWindow and/or Airport information


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Hello FSC Team,

I have a wish:

A cool feature would be if we can have the actual online controller frequencies, which shows the IVAO frequencies along our planned route in the flightplanwindow, which is self actualizing...

Where you can see in one sight which controller at which state of the route is online and have to be contacted...

(btw: would be great if the flightplan window would be sizeable and undockable!)

Maybe it could also be possible in a way to show in the airport information window, which position (TWR, APP, etc) is staffed online?

I know, you have this feature implemented in the mouse over airport and controller information in the map, where e.g. I can see the IVAO TWR with it's frequency. BUt I would find it a lot more useful to have this in one sight in the flightplan window

Would this be possible?

thanks and many greeting, Günter

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Hi Guenther,

thanks a lot for the suggestion which is deeply appreciated. We will think about it, although currently I am rather skeptical.

Basically, all the information you need is available and it is only the place of display that does not seem to suit your needs. As far as I can tell, it is largely a matter of taste where the information needed is displayed. Conceptually, we have devised the flight plan (and flight plan window) to be something static which you file prior to your flight and which then does not change unless, of course, you change it explicitly yourself.

The problem with online flight is that the active positions constantly change (unlike in real life), so whatever controller is online right now, may be offline the next minute. Therefore this type of information has to be regularly updated. Again, conceptually, such changing information is being displayed in the map window where it is always available.

Nevertheless, we have plans to revise the flight plan window in the near future for a number of reasons, also to make it undockable. And we will therefore definitely give your suggestions a second thought.



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