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About MyTraffic names, version, markets and products

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Dear friends, this post hopefully gives some clarification about what is going to come with MyTraffic over the next foreseeable future, as long as FSX is the only serious flight simulator around.

Let me begin with where we are today.

You know that MyTraffic is published since many years by two publishers. Simmarket publishes the version that you can purchase from Simmarket, it is either a download or if you wish put onto a DVD for you by Simmarket, you get support here, and Simmarket infrastructure gives you access to updates, patches, rebates on new versions you purchase from Simmarket. The actual version is MyTraffic X 5.2a, the next incremental update to 5.2b is under work, scheduled for this autumn, just a few last things missing. The second publisher is Aerosoft, their version is based on mostly the same models, paints, airport and schedules, but different due to different installation policies, different media, different support infrastructure. You typically buy it on a DVD in a store, but by download from Aerosoft now too, support is done by Aerosoft staff on the Aerosoft forums, updates you get through the Aerosoft support infrastructure. Up to now, the Aerosoft versions used the same names, and this led to some confusion.

Now a simple given fact is that any media ( Music DVDs, books, software ) that are sold over the big consumer markets are deleted from their registration after three years. After two years, most of them don't order again, after three years, they send back anything left over and delete the registration. You cannot register the same name again, even not with a new version number. So if MyTraffic for FSX shall continue to be available over the consumer markets, a new name was needed, and the obvious choice of a name now is MyTraffic 2010 instead of MyTraffic X. So Aerosoft must change the name - and I only had to decide how to deal with this given fact best.

I understand this as a chance to end the confusion about two different products having the same name, so in future Aerosoft will use the name MyTraffic2010, and Simmarket will use the Name MyTrafficX - and this gives us the chance to differentiate the product further. So future products will no longer carry the same version numbers, and update dates will not be necessarily synchronated. And once this was decided, of course the question was: How should MyTraffic 2010 look like, what is the typical market of the Aerosoft products, and of the Simmarket products, etc. I spent quite a while on the different forums to get as much answers to this as possible. Since it was clear to me that it would fool the user to just relable MyTraffic X 5.2a to MyTraffic 2010 1.0.

I also looked into all the reviews I found about MyTraffic X, which all are very positive, with an overall agreement that MyTraffic has got too complicated for many users. And to be honest this is true, MyTraffic has grown beyond anything I could imagine a few years ago in quality, quantity, performance, options, possibilies and complexity, a complexity that allows professional users to do everything - and requires they study the SDK documentation every day. MyTraffic has the size and complexity of an operating system by now, fortunately we never had a MyTraffic Vista debacle :lol: .

So one of the design decisions for MyTraffic 2010 was not only the obvious one to use everything that could be finished until the release date given by the store chains, but also to simplify it. For a product that carries the name 2010, I think the user can expect that it only contains aircraft built after FSX SP2 release that work properly under Direct X 10 - even if that means that it will contain less models. I could make a Tornado, a Typhoon and a Transall still, important for the European market, but most USAF aircraft still have to be made for DX10 as example. This also means that the time machine has to be strongly cut down, since the models that are Time machine only by now ( Tristar, Caravelle, DC6, CV440) won't be redone until late next year. On the other hand we don't need the complexity of DX9 schedules vs DX10 schedules, and Aerosoft support does not need to help its users to find out if they actually use DX10 or DX9...

I think that MyTraffic 2010 1.0 has got a very good product, optimized for the main stream market. It contains the giant airliner traffic from MyTraffic 5.2a, existing and new GA models, existing and new military aircaft, improved schedules, is usable with far less options and complexity, but experienced uses can use the MyTraffic editor and the network plans etc to program their traffic themselves.

MyTraffic X version 5.2b will contain all those new planes, plus the paints you saw here the last weeks, plus the new C130 Hercules that is the last not yet finished part of it, will keep the DX9 planes to be replaced later, will keep the different schedule sets, and all of its options and complexity, so is more oriented to the professional user - and I will add the word professional to its name to clearly signal that we want to get a positive service to the wide range of users we have by having a better differentiation.

If you still have more questions about the differences between MyTraffic X and MyTraffic 2010, don't hesitate to ask in the forum.

Is this all? No. From feedback I got there is a class of users who want a still simpler product. Simple install and uninstall, a choice of airliners around them at the major airports they fly to in North America and Europe, and no more complexity than just to have to set the traffic density using the sliders in FSX. Install and forget. Cheap to mainly replace the legavy AI packages like PAI, WOAI etc. Currently I'm testing such a product, based on about 500 paints on 60 models on can fully cover the above description. Of course, such a product can be made far cheaper than the complex full MyTraffic, and this product will have the name "MyTraffic X lite". The response I had from testers of such a product was that the only way to distinguish it from UT2 where the high frame rates and the reflections on the models :D . If you still have more questions about MyTraffic X Lite, or proposals for it, don't hesitate to post.

You can find a detailed comparison chart of the three MyTraffic versions under http://secure.simmarket.com/b.-renk-mytlite.phtml

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