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FSX 8.5 "too big for memory"

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FSX Acceleration


FSC 8.4(110908) & 8.5

Download from FSC website


FSC 8.4 (110908) runs fine and is registered. I have no problems with any part of FSC/FSUIPC or FSX.

I installed FSC 8.5 per the instructions.

The first thing I noticed is that the normal FSC round globe icon is absent for the FSC85.exe file The details on the FSC85.exe are size 3.93 MB and a modified date of 4/20/2009 8:50 AM. The program is set to run as an administrator.

When I click on the desktop icon, or when I start the FSC85.exe program I get a message "Too big to fit in memory" and a return to the desktop.

Just prior to starting FSC85.exe - ProcessExplorer shows There is 2,112,244 KB available physical memory and the current commit level is 12%. This machine is dedicated to FSX and nothing else runs on it. I have stripped out all unnecessary programs, including all security programs and print drivers. The only thing running is VISTA and FSC.

After trying to start FSC85 I still see 2,121,796 KB available memory and the commit level is 11%.

Process Monitor shows that FSC85.exe never enters executtion. I can see svchost.exe succesfully reading the FSC85.exe file. I then see Explorer.exe trying to open program files\FSC\FSC85.exe.Zone.Identifier and getting a result code of "NAME NOT FOUND" I also find "NAME NOT FOUND" for \System32\wbem\FSC85.pif and then crstub.exe issues a "CLEANUP" for FSC85.exe.

I then start FSC84.exe with no problems.

What do I need to do to get FSC85 to run?

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if you search here in our forum, you never will found an error like yours, to big for memory.

The FSCommander itself is using only 1.5 MB from the memory.

What makes me wonder is your text:

The program is set to run as an administrator.

If you have reading our announcement here: viewtopic.php?f=155&t=66110

then you have also reading that you have to install the FSCommander under Vista as adminstrator, not only run as adminstrator

With other words, following the instruction in our announcement and the FSCommander will works perfectly for you.



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I did run the initial install of FSC 8.0 and the upgrade to 8.4 as an administrator. Both of those installs completed with no error & no problems. FSC 8.0 and 8.4 operate perfectly - even when FSC 8.5 fails.

I REPEAT - FSC 8.4 operates PERFECTLY and all FSC functions work exactly as they have for two years. Only FSC 8.5 has a problem.

The upgrade from 8.4 to 8.5 involves only COPY operations - those COPIES do not have to be run as an Administrator do they?

After reading your message I decided to completely uninstall FSC and start over with FSC 8.4 installed exactly as you suggested. I used VISTA control panel to uninstall FSC - that process completed successfully with no error.

AFTER control Panel uninstalled FSC - REGEDIT continues to show dozens of registery entries for FSC 8.0, 8.4 & 8.5 and Control Panel still shows that FSC Commander is installed. The FSC directory is fully populated with all the files that I would expect to see.

When I again try to use Control Panel to uninstall FSC I get an error message: WISE UNINSTALL CAN NOT OPEN INSTALL.LOG

At this point I can not run FSC nor can I uninstall it - what do I do now?

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it would be nice if I know your name, makes life sometimes easier.

I don't know whats going on or wrong on your system but I know that our install routine is working well with all other users.

To clean your registery use this original microsoft Windows Installer CleanUp Utility here:




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Hello Volker,

My name is Jerry

I manually cleaned the registery

Deleted the Programs\FSC directory

Installed FSC8.0 - operated perfectly

Upgraded to FSC84/110908 - operated perfectly

deleted the prior unzipped copy of the FSC85 upgrade

unzipped the FSC85 upgrade

Upgraded to FSC85/200409

FSC 85 now works perfectly - the FSC85 icon is now correct when I display the contents of the FSC directory.

I suspect the original unzip of the FSC85 download did not function properly and the FSC85.exe was corrupt

Thanks for the comments - thanks for the great product

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