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Hi everyone,

I have finally switched over to FS Commander (from FSNavigator) to help me write my articles for Computer Pilot Magazine (Round Robin adventures). With each article, I put in a "screen capture" of the flight plan and map for the readers to see and/or download (one screen capture for each route). In FSNavigator, I could do this while showing the entire flight plan (regardless of how many waypoints) and the map just below it. I cannot find a way to do this in FS Commander. The box with the flight plan data in it will not expand. Am I missing something or is this the way it is? If my flight plan only had one or two waypoints, this wouldn't be an issue. The maximum lines I can see in the flight plan box is 5. Can this be increased to see the entire plan without scrolling? My only solution right now, is to print the flight plan, then scan it, add color and then super impose on top of the FS Commander map.

Al Pelletier


FSUIPC 3.9 paid mode, no wide FS

Flight Sim 2004 and FS-X

Windows XP pro

Flight Sim Commander 8.5 registered

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OK. Thanks Sascha. Saves me looking around. I really like the program. I must admit that I miss some of the features that FS Navigator had. (Full Flight plan display, EOD, BOD) Heaven would FS Commander with some of the great features FS Navigator had. I also like that in FS Navigator, I could run my Fight Sim in the full 3d mode (alt enter) and just press the F9 key and toggle between my Flight Planner and Flight Sim. But you can't have it all in life. Don't get me wrong. Your program is awesome and I like the fact that you guys are around and I am sure that with each new versions, more features will come out.

Thank you so much



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