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I have many questions, and as i couldn't find an answer in the manuals i decided to aks to the experts

first, how time machine works??i really can't understand from the manual

i guess time machine is connected with the "select Schedules" in the communicator

Second, as i am very interested in Kai tak, i removed traffic from VHHH and moved it to VHHX (discussed in detail in the topic: VHHH to VHHX)

then i worked hard with the editor to find the settings that looked best for me, but all i got was many many cathay planes, few of other airlines and also few airlines.

My goal is to get many planes at the airport but also many airlines decided by me

so the question is: How do I tell the editor to use few planes per airline (and if possible to decide wich planes to use) and many airlines??

if you need to know what i did with the scedules i will post the changes

thanks for help!

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Thanks, I have to look up the status of VHHX in 5.2. I'm sure it was activated in 5.2 already. When you start the editor and load the original database, didn't VHHX show some AI traffic mainly using airliners from not so frest fabrication days, like 742,707, DC8, and even the Concorde? Using the stock supplied schedules, is it alive?

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At least 5.2b I checked shows a nice AI traffic, collecting many rare birds like the Saudi Arabian 747SP I came across immediately.

How to achieve this from the editor? The most simple way is to go to the manage airline dialog, select a suitable type, and send it from VHHX to another meaningful destination. Do so with 20 or 30 connections and you are where you want to be in a few minutes.

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