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Dear Pete, I have just joined the flight sim community and intend to build a Cessna simulator on MS Flight Simulator X as my first project. I have just installed a FDS-SYS3 Interface Board and the latest version of FSUICP and succeeded in making a simple toggle switch work. Now I would like to proceed with controling rotating scales, i.e. heading bug, OBS, QNH etc. I don't know if this is the proper way to use the forum, but I try to ask some questions. If I am wrong, please give me a hint were I can learn more.

1. I have not yet found any manual on FSUICP. Is there any? Where can I get it?

2. I have bought a rotating swith that works like two toggles. When moving, it generates 1 and when still it generates 0. One circuit represents clockwise rotation and the other counterclockwise. How can this signal be transformed with interface IT and FSUICP to make the scales move?

Best Regards


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1. I have not yet found any manual on FSUICP. Is there any? Where can I get it?

If you have installed the latest version of FSUIPC, as you say, you must surely have seen and read the little Installation and Registration guide which came with it. Right? Can you read it now, and see what it says it installs in your FS Modules folder? Look, to help you I show this extract from the very first page (I have here highlighted in red the salient parts):
As well as the document you are now reading, this package contains “Install FSUIPC.exe” that will install the following parts in the Flight Simulator Modules folder:

FSUIPC.dll The FS module itself, version 3.93

FSUIPC User Guide.pdf This document: please read it! (Acrobat format)

FSUIPC History.pdf A list of changes in each version (Acrobat format)

FSUIPC for Advanced Users.pdf More technical information only (Acrobat format)

List of FS2004 Controls.pdf FS2004 controls list (Acrobat format)

FSUIPC Lua Plug-Ins.pdf Introducing the powerful Lua plug-in facilities

FSUIPC Lua Library.pdf Documentation for the additional FSUIPC Lua libraries

Example Lua Plugins.zip A zip file containing some short Lua examples

Lua license.pdf A copy of the Lua licensing agreement

I'll answer your question 2 if you, for some strange reason, don't manage to find the answer in the documentation. However, I am certain the answers are there. ;-)



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