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Help - New WideClient Default Audio Feature

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Hi Pete,

It's been a while since I've had the need to post here so I hope you and yours are well.

I just grabbed your latest WideClient interim version and I'm really juiced over the new "Audio Output" selection feature associated with the run commands. I have been routinely switching default audio devices by hand for years to get Radar Contact to play on my USB Headset while the other Wideclient apps continue to use my Creative sound card. From what I understand, now I can get widelient to do this for me. Just one problem, I can't seem to make it work.

On my Windows 7 x64 Ultimate wideclient, I have the following entries in my wideclient.ini file. I only want Radar Contact (Run1) to use the Headset, and leave the other three apps to continue to use the Windows default audio device (Creative SB X-Fi) card. I tried both "Wave1=Plantronics Headset" and "Voice1=Plantronics Headset" to no avail. I also tried "Wave1=Headset Earphone" which didn't work either.

Radar Contact continues to use the Creative card (through my speakers) after it is succesfully started by Wideclient. As I have done for years, if I change the Windows default Audio device to the Headset before starting Radar Contact, it then succesfully uses the USB headset. Did I miss something obvious :?:

In my Windows Device Manger, I have two entries under "Sound, Video, and Game Controllers":

  • Creative SB X-Fi
    Plantronics Headset

In my Windows Control Panel Sound Applet, I have two entries:

  • Speakers
    Creative SB X-Fi
    Default Device
    Headset Earphone
    Plantronics Headset

; PLEASE SEE WideFS documentation for parameter details
; =====================================================


; -----------------------------------------------
Run1=C:\Program Files (x86)\rcv4x\rcv4.exe
Wave1=Plantronics Headset
Run2=C:\Program Files (x86)\TOPCAT\TOPCAT.exe
Run3=C:\Program Files (x86)\FS Flight Keeper\FSFK.exe /DBG
Run4=C:\Program Files (x86)\HiFi\ASA\ASA_Exec.exe

; ===============================================

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Just one problem, I can't seem to make it work.

On my Windows 7 x64 Ultimate wideclient

Sorry, but as it says in the documentation, the facility only works with Windows XP. I cannot fathom out any way to change the sound devices by program on Vista or Windows 7. Luckily, all my Client PCs are lowly beasts and I'm leaving them all on XP.



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Oh Dang, I read that as Mike1=, Mike2=..., Mike3= was the only line/feature not compatible with Vista or 7.

Oh, yes. i see how you might interpret it that way. I'll have to change that. Thanks.

I really hope you figure out a way to make it work for 7 too someday.

So do I. I'll re-visit it for sure sometime. It was easy on XP -- I found out how by monitoring registry activity when you change it in athe Control Panel. Just one Registry entry.

On Vista and Win7 there were many convoluted Registry changes when you just select a different sound device, many using those long weird GUIDs, and I just couldn't track anything remotely reproducible. I guess it has to be done by calling some routines someplace instead, but there's nothing in any of the MS reference or developer areas which helps.



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  • 11 months later...

I'm just curious to know if you've made and headway regarding the seound device selection within the Windows Vista/7 OS?

Sorry, no. I did have another go, but gave up again after getting nowhere in several days of really complicated analysis. I guess my poor aging grey matter isn't up to it anymore!



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