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About my hardware and DX10 preview


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Wanted to share this with you.

My new development computer is an Intel i7-860 with 8 GB of RAM, ATI 5770 and W7-64 as OS. FSX runs very smooth on it, so does MyTraffic X 5.2b on its way to whatever is next. Subjective frame rates are about 60% higher than on my 2 years old AMD X2 6000 with a GF8800 GTS as I expected. I was interested in a comparison between DX9 mode and DX10 preview on a card that has 800 parallel processors. On a busy airport with about 30 AI planes in view, most things far right, I got 22 fps in DX9 mode, fine, and 95 fps in DX10 preview, more than a factor of 4. That makes me understand why the ACES team found it so important to go to DX10, old grafics cannot deal with such a card ( that is considered mid range now :shock: ).

Have to add that the drivers seem to have some problems still, not with FSX :D , but they crash with some other software, 3D design tools.

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This is a well know problem for concrete airports, I've yet to see it on asphalt. If asphalt really is the cure, it would be nice to convert some popular AFD files to use asphalt instead of concrete. Perhaps not for the purist, but for me it's a good compromise. One of those things to test I'm always meaning to get around to. Having said that, it will be interesting to see if Burkhard sees it so much on his ATI card.


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Yes, I see that. Also the water effects are badly flickering, I set them to 0 anyways because that is the most realistic water, the rest is Hollywood.

Good idea to check if making the last few m Asphalt cures it or reduces it. Would at least be a recommendation for new airports and for modifications wehne we make more and more airports A380 ready etc...

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