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A2A P47 commands (upd 16thdez09)


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I have made some little LUA and MACRO files for different aircrafts the last weeks and d'like to share them here.




code for the main fuel selector. You can select now the 4 stats OFF, AUX, MAIN, External

Insert this into a LUA file

-- All Fuel Selectors OFF
if ipcPARAM == 1 then   

	ipc.writeLvar("L:FuelSelKnob1State", 0)

-- All Fuel Selectors AUX

elseif ipcPARAM == 2 then

	ipc.writeLvar("L:FuelSelKnob1State", 1)

-- All Fuel Selectors Main

elseif ipcPARAM == 3 then

	ipc.writeLvar("L:FuelSelKnob1State", 2)

-- All Fuel Selectors External

elseif ipcPARAM == 4 then

	ipc.writeLvar("L:FuelSelKnob1State", 3)


All files work at my system with latest FSUIPC version.

no guarantee that they will work for you (but they should, I'm sure - tested only at FSX Acceleration)

Do any codings at your own risk and just do things if you know what you do...

Feel free to use or add codes from/to here.

Be patient that I could not support any question. Please inform yourself how to handle MACROS and LUA files and the power of FSUIPC.

Have fun!

---- updated 16th dezember 2009

LUA code for main fuel selector

few macro entries added

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