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Marine Helicopters at USAF bases


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A) Operating System: Windows Vista Professional Service Pack 2 (build 6002),

A-1) Computer: 3.20 gigahertz Intel Core i7 965 (4 installed), 3060 Megabytes Installed Memory, 332.88 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity,Promise 1X2 Mirror/RAID1 SCSI Disk Device (500.04 GB)

B) The FS(X) version installed: FSX with Acceleration

C) The location of your FSX installation: Drive G of a partitioned RAID1 System

D) The Version of MyTraffic X (simMarket Edition): Version 5.2b PRO on CD ROM

Well, I should have read Burkhard's reply from October 4 (I didn't read it because I did not have the SimMarket edition at the time). I now have Burkhard's ! As you can see, I did figure out how to stop the US Navy ones (see below). I guess I will wait until Summer, or go in and "correct" each Marine helicopter flight plan at each of these bases by changing KSSC, KCHS, and KVPS to KNPA. :(

Problem: I have stopped US Navy aircraft from operating into and out of KSSC, KCHS, and KVPS (all USAF bases - and Shaw AFB "absolutely" does not have US Navy operations) by prohibiting "US Navy" at these bases and re-routing them to KNPA, a Naval Air Station, instead, but I still have "Marine" helicopters operating out of these bases and am not able to prohibit "Marine," without deleting each individual flight plan for these helicopters at each of these bases, as simply "Marine" is not listed in "Aircraft" as US Navy and USAF are.

Question: How else to stop these Marine helicopters from operating out of these bases and taking up my fighter aircraft spaces?

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Are you using DX10 preview or DX9?

The DX9 schedules contain many USAF models who take their space, while the DX10 version still hasn't them, so the approach would be different. ( Unless you just move the two helicopters out of your MyTraffic\aircraft folder :wink: )

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Oh Burkhard, DX10, of course . I will wait for your updates By the way, I love your proggy. Keep up the good work and thanks for your efforts.

As an ancient and retired pilot, and from my other post regarding "ADE corrected airports", you should know that I have been "correcting" airports for some time now before I found Aerosoft's MyTrafficX, uninstalled it and installed your v.5.2bPRO, repositioning taxi signs onto grass from the middle of taxiways, relocating misplaced towers and terminals, adding correct jetways, etc. For some reason, programmers don't know where fire stations belong .

I have self-populated AF Bases (Eglin, Shaw, Charleston) with their downloaded correct aircraft, eg. A-10, C-17, C-130, C135, F-15, F16, (thanks to Military AI and their good information), with their correct combat units and correct parking slot placement (including secreted aircraft under metal covers), using FAA charts, actual photographs, and information from personnel stationed there and "corrected" with Airport Design Editor.

Each military aircraft is assigned to its correct parking slot, using individual atc parking codes. Each has a simple flight plan to keep them mostly parked at their respective base. This is how MyTraffic generated "Marine" aircraft sneak into an empty slot or "transient parking", since I can't "prohibit" them like I did "US Navy." . I have had no problem of MyTraffic trying to assign civilian aircraft at Shaw, or Eglin. I hope that you understand my reluctance to share sensitive military aircraft placement at these bases, garnered solely for my enjoyment.

I like that MyTraffic populates the civilian side of the dual-use Charleston AFB and have taken care of the problem of civilian cargo types parking in the restricted military side in vacant Military Cargo slots reserved for C-17's and C-135's, using ADE and placing a normal taxi point inside the vacant parking space and creating a taxi path from that point to the apron link, thereby creating an "open" link which will not allow an aircraft to pass into the parking space. A passing aircraft still "sees" a vacant parking space, but can't enter it. I still have "Marine" helicopters sitting in temporarily vacant slots . Until I amend their MyTraffic flight plans from KCSS, KVPR, and KCHS to KNPA instead, I will simply ignore them .

As the wife and I routinely fly USAir from our home KMYR to KCLT and then to EDDF and return, I have "corrected" these three airports to assign USAir to the correct gates actually in use and sim fly this route in my spare time. At KMYR, I downloaded the AI aircraft and created correct flight plans actually currently in use, to include GA flight plans which MyTraffic misses. MyTraffic's assigned aircraft are a welcome addition. At EDDF, I cheated slightly, by downloading appropriate AI aircraft and assigning Aeroflot, Maldav, Bulgaria Air, Air Lingus, and several others to parking spots at terminal B and C, with flight plans departing/arriving around the same time as our normal USAir flight arrives/departs on Sunday . I guess that is called some type of "creative liberty". MyTraffic assigns it own aircraft and does not interfere.

One note regarding MyTraffic US Air Force "atc_airline: USAF", I changed the designation to "AirForce", as ATC calls them "Usaf" and "US Air Force" is not in ATC's vocabulary, as is "US Navy", the latter which it pronounces correctly. With my designation, it pronounces "AirForce" correctly, unless you have another suggestion.

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Thanks, you could be a great help for me since I'm currently working on the DX10 F15 after the F4,F5 and F117 are finished.

The Marines should be possible to forbid like the Navy, or you could assign all the Marine types to one single airline and just forbid that, would be more efficient. But I really invite you to join in the creation of the FSX-generation USAF, which will get about half of my time the next 6 months alone. If you could provide some airports and some knowledge ( the one you are allowed to share of course only, resp. the freedom to create something that is similar to the real, but not exactly the real we often have to do in this case ) and Matthew could help with painting that would be great!

The USAF is the biggest airline in the world, with more aircraft than American, Delta, United, Air France, Lufthansa and even Ryanair together, this is a giant task, lets make this as good as we can.

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Burkhard: How neat! Great picture. I had one of an F-35 overflying KVPS (shot by a chase pilot friend), but I can't find it.

I would be pleased to help, but the wife and I were just "adopted" by two (11 and 12 years) "granddaughters", whose down-the street neighbor mom had to go back to work due to the economy. We have daily pick-up duty from school and homework mentoring and these two do some "babysitting" of us in their home . So mainly I have my lappy with me in the car and their house. But....I would be pleased to contribute what I can, when I can, if I can.

By the way, I solved my Marine Helicopter and the entire Navy problem at my three AF bases, using D. Grovestein's excellent "AI Flight Planner" and "Find/Find Next", I opened the MyTraffic military.bgl and adjusted the Helicopter, P-3, F-18, and SA flight plans from my airports to KNPA from KVPS and to KNTU from KCSS and KCHS. I saved the original in a separate folder (just in case). I just seemed to miss one F-18 at KVPS and one CH47 at KCHS that I still have to locate. It was a boring process .

I want to correct my earlier statement, since I switch back and forth between DX10 and DX9, depending on the aircraft I am using. I don't like flying "white" B-52's in DX10 and I can't find a better one than I have. I thought about widening KVPS' runway to the Barksdale's size to accomdate a B-52, but that is "cheating" too much, so I keep the wing wheels from touching the ground .

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When it comes to what to do next with this F15, it is to find out which units fly them currently, where they are based, how they look ( color codes, tail codes, badges, gray or camouflage ). Up to now I used http://www.scramble.nl/airforces.htm for this, but as example it contains the badges in color and not the black/gray versions that are painted now most of the time. Once all this information is collected, painting itself is rather fast, and then the airports need to be checked, parkings associated to the correct units.

Current plans are to have the USAF F5, F15, F16, F22, A10 and F117 redone this round. If I also get the B52, B1 and B2 done this round remains to be seen, if not next time. The airports can already be equipped for all units, where I used the code U494 for the 494th squadron as example. There are a few numbers used twice, but typically for FS and AS, so mil_combat and mil_cargo types and no KC135 should park in an F16 parking ;-).

Whatever from that list finds your interest and time you are very welcome. My next things will be to build the F16 and F22 models, the F16 already working and now needing a first real texture.

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First off, I haven't attended to KCHS in some time and found that both FSX and MyTraffic have entirely incorrect airport parking placement for Charleston AFB. The folks at MS could have at least used "Google Earth". The entire military side needed a major revision (I mean a whole day job, using ADE) and I can ship you the revision - I simply corrected the stock airport and also saved it MyTraffic (I just need to clean up some taxi signs and transfer MyTraffic civilian side parking spots). I already found some properly parked military aircraft supplied by MyTraffic I just need to populate KCHS with its own aircraft and set up some flight plans to keep some of them parked

Public Knowledge: KCHS is under the Air Mobility Command and the host unit is the 437th Airlift Wing, Flying C-17 Globemaster III. There are 4 groups (Ops, Logistics, Support, & Medical). The flying units are 14th Airlift Squadron (Pelicans) flying C-17A, 15th AS (Global Eagles) flying C-17, and 17th AS (AAA Moving) flying C-17A.

Assigned also is the 315th Airlift Wing (AF Reserve Associate Unit) with the 300th AS (Ad Astra), 317th AS (First in Reserve), 701st AS (Turtles), and the 315th AES (Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron). These reservists train in, help maintain, and fly the aircraft of the 437th AW at KCHS.

Hope this is a start. I'll update you on KVPS next, without exact unit placement for security, of course. John

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The guys at Microsoft weren't allowed to use GE, and GE hadn't the resolution it has now back than in ( 2004?). In addition, Microsoft didn't touch any military theme again by intention.

I have the feeling that we can use the status of GE as a guide. Where the airports are accepted to be clearly visible in GE, there is no problem we use that information - and where the pictures are unsharp we should use pure fantasy. In the case of KVPS, I see areas where there are C130s, F15 and F16s parked, so to place some units flying these aircraft there is not using any information not available free in GE, but where to place the 58th FS and where the 60th FS should not be based on any insider information - the 85th TES is clear since it is the only F16 unit.

This said, a realistic Charleston Air Base is very welcome, and puts the new C17 higher on my work list - so now it is just behind F22 and A10.

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Burkhard: I hope the "corrected" Charleston AFB arrived OK. It was a little hard checking the civilian side past the terminal, as the Airport Police are kind of "funny". There was no problem on the military side . The "corrected" Shaw AFB is in the e-mail to you I don't have unit insignias in black and gray. I use my own flight plans for each of my 80 F-16's to keep them mostly at Shaw, with short flights to KVPS. I do the same with Charleston and Eglin. I can't "dress up" (fire engines, etc.) the airports I send you without my EasyScenery file to go with it and I am certain that you don't want my 150 separate military aircraft files either, since you have your own MyTraffic ones. I am working on what I can send you regarding KVPS, since it is slightly more sensitive. Those MC-130P's you see at Eglin belong to the two SOW's and I will have to rework all my parking slots to delete individual aircraft ID and unit placement (each pilot has to know where his assigned aircraft is parked in the "parking lot") . I looked at Barksdale and it would be a nightmare to "correct." I don't sim to many others, because they are mostly not correct and I don't have the time to bother with them. Sorry, but I will see what I can contribute. A list of Commands and their locations is in the e-mail - all public knowledge information. Hope that helps some. John

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